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Pink CAMEO 3 Goes on Sale Along With Sleek Black Silhouette CAMEO Machines

If you've been holding out for a Pink Cameo today is your lucky day. The limited edition Pink Silhouette CAMEO 3 along with the sleek all black CAMEO are now available for pre-order.

pink cameo 3, cameo pink, new silhouette cameo machine

The Pink and Black CAMEO 3's will begin shipping later in September.
Now here's the deal guys - these aren't going to last long - especially the pink ones! They're not only in high demand, but also a limited edition that likely won't be around after October - so if you plan to get one you better pre-order the Pink CAMEO now!

black cameo, pink cameo, pink silhouette, silhouette cameo 3

A portion of the proceeds on specially marked boxes of the limited edition Pink Cameo 3 will go to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

all black cameo, pink cameo, new silhouette cameo, silhouette studio

The pink Silhouette Cameo features a pink cover along with pink tool housing and a pink LCD screen.

The black Silhouette CAMEO is completely black!
new silhouette cameo, silhouette america, black cameo, black silhouette cameo, cameo black

Both the new pink and black CAMEOs share the same features as their original Silhouette CAMEO 3 sister: Bluetooth capabilities, a dual carriage and the ability to use the Autoblade.  They're also available as just the machine or with a bundle. Some of the bundles even come with best selling ecourse - The Ultimate Silhouette Guide Second Edition for V4 and a 30 day trial to Silhouette U!

But believe me when I tell you there are a lot of black and pink Silhouette CAMEO bundles to pick from!
silhouette cameo pink, pink cameo, black cameo, black cameo 3, silhouette cameo 3, silhouette america

The black and pink CAMEOs were first announced by Silhouette America in May along with a list of other new Silhouette products for 2017. The pink and black Silhouette machines, though, were definitely the highlight!  Some of those other new Silhouette products have already hit the market.

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