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11 New Features in Silhouette Studio V4.1

Silhouette Studio V4 was recently fully released and at the same time the follow up version Silhouette Studio V4.1 went into closed Beta.

new silhouette studio features, v4.1 features. silhouette studio tutorials

As a member of the volunteer Silhouette Studio Beta Testing Team I can tell you a whole ton of new features are in the works for next generation of Silhouette Studio V4 (and the hotly contested Send panel is getting a major overhaul).

Some of them are features Silhouette crafters have been requesting for years including the long-awaited return of Save as SVG and others are new features that many will find make it easier to use Studio. I have to say...never I have I felt Silhouette Studio Business Edition was more worth it than now.

It will still likely be a few months before Silhouette Studio V4.1 is released and, honestly, let's all hope it is. While the bones of V4.1 are good and the new features laid out for this version of the software are arguably the most significant set of new features we've seen - they almost all need a significant amount of development work to be both functional and user friendly in Silhouette Studio. 
 Some of these new V4.1 features will be available to all users in Standard Silhouette Studio while others are Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, or Business Edition only features. 
1. Export as SVG/PDF/JPEG (Business Edition) - User-created designs will have the ability to save designs as SVG, PDF and JPEG files directly from Silhouette Studio. Silhouette Design Store files will be excluded.

silhouette studio svg, silhouette cameo 3, silhouette studio 4 v4 new software
2. Glyph Access From Within in Silhouette Studio - (Designer Edition) Access glyphs and special characters for PUA encoded fonts in the font list right within Silhouette Studio.

silhouette studio samantha font extra characters 4.1 tutorials silhouette new features

3. Conical Warp (Designer Edition Plus) - Warps designs and text to account for the conicial shape of items such as tumblers, buckets, etc.

Silhouette Studio V4.1, conical wrap, warp designs for tumblers silhouette cameo vinyl

4. Object Warp (Software version availability TBA) - Allows for the user to warp and change the shape of selected objects. In the current state it is very difficult to use effectively.

changing the shape of objects in silhouette studio silhouette studio 4.1 v4.1 tutorials new  features

5. Font Organization - Fonts in the Font Style tool are now broken down into categories such as Most frequently used fonts and Most Recently Used Fonts.  Additional Font Organization feature are available to Designer Edition users. 

silhouette studio font organization silhouette studio 4.1 silhouette studio v4 new features
By the way I've also requested that a feature be added to allow users to modify font names or somehow mark commercial use fonts in their font list. Fingers crossed on that one!

6. Sticky Notes -  Users can now add sticky notes regarding their design within the work area.

Silhouette studio notes to desgins, properties, sticky notes

7. Word Art (Designer Edition Plus) - Allows the user to change selected text into commonly shaped word art designs.

silhouette studio word art tool  v4.1 v4 new features word art tutorials

8. 'Thickness' Changed to 'Force' - The blade setting formerly called "Thickness" has now been changed to "Force" to make it more clear that that setting changes the amount of download force that is put on the blade while cutting.

silhouette studio thickness setting changes to force silhouette studio v4.1

9. Faster Start Up - Silhouette Studio starts up in a fraction of the time as previously

10. Pop Up Design Tool -(Designer Edition get additional advanced features) The Pop Up Design tool allows you to convert a design into a pop up card. Additional features of the Pop Up tool are unlocked with Designer Edition

Silhouette Studio pop up tool, pop up card creator, silhouette studio

11. Low Hard Drive Space Warning - Users who have low hard drive space (1.5 GB or less) will get a message that Silhouette Studio will preform better if additional space is cleared.  Users will less than .5 GB of hardware space will not able to run Silhouette Studio until additional space becomes available.

By the way if you already have Designer Edition and you want to upgrade to Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition you only pay the pro-rated amount - just make sure you get the right license key for the partial upgrade.

Update from standard Silhouette Studio to Designer Edition

Update from Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus

Update from Designer Edition Plus to Business Edition

Update from Designer Edition to Business Edition

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    1. I also just upgraded to Designer Edition Plus and I am unable to find the Word Art feature! Hopefully she will give us an answer.

  2. Before the update I had all my downloads organized into files by theme. After the update, they are all in one big mess, and I am unable drag them to my file folders and reorganize them. Any ideas, hints, or tricks to be able to make this happen?

  3. I updated and wished I didn't, now my Sil. runs slow and pauses! I run a business and this is not good! I dont know what to do

  4. Has there been any improvements toward easily printing the library?

    1. Unfortunately, there is no way from within the software to print your entire library.


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