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How to Move Your Silhouette Studio Library to a New Computer

If you have a new computer and you need to move your entire Silhouette Studio library to it - it can seem super scary. Will you lose all of your designs? Will everything transfer? Do you have to move every designs individually?  What about the Cloud designs and the ones you created yourself?

silhouette studio library move export silhouette studio library new computer cameo

I recently had to move my entire Silhouette Studio library to a new computer when I got a new laptop.  I'm here to tell you - if you do even a little bit of planning ahead - you'll be fine.

The key is to make sure you back up your entire Silhouette Studio library on your old computer. Depending on which version of Silhouette Studio you are using - either pre-Cloud or Cloud the exporting and back up options are slightly different. The end result is the same though.

If you're using a Cloud version of Silhouette Studio you will go into Silhouette Studio and right click on "Local User". Then click Export Local User.

back up silhouette studio, export silhouette studio library, export silhouette studio designs

This will save all the designs in your Local User folder as an exe file. The exe file can not be previewed so don't worry if all you get is a bunch of code when you try to look at it.  By default the exe file will be called My Library. My suggestion is to re-name it something like "Silhouette Studio Local User Designs (date)". 

export silhouette studio, export silhouette studio library designs, back up silhouette cloud

You should not need to manually move or import the designs in your Cloud, but it's a good idea to back them up too. Right click the Cloud folder and click "Export (Your Email Address)". This will create a second My Library exe file. Again, I would suggest you rename this file "Silhouette Studio Cloud Designs (date)."

silhouette cloud export, move silhouette cloud silhouette cloud designs, silhouette cameo tutorials

We use a WDMyCloud personal cloud network for storage and file sharing so I was able to easily drag and drop the two exe files onto the My Cloud drive. If you don't have one that's okay you can save the exe files to a thumb or USB drive or put them on Google Drive. The point is you want to make them easily accessible from your new computer.

Now, go over to your new computer and download Silhouette Studio from the Silhouette America website. Install the software.

back up your Silhouette studo, back up silhouette library move silhouette studio library, export silhouette studio library

Once the Silhouette Studio software is up and running on your computer start by signing into the Silhouette Cloud.

silhouette studio cloud sign into silhouette cloud silhouette cloud password

This should push all of your Cloud designs to automatically sync.

synching silhouette studio cloud library
You didn't even need that Cloud exe file! Congrats! We just did that as a Plan B...and now it's a great idea to keep it in case something happens to your library or your computer.

Now you will need the Local User exe in order to import your entire Silhouette Studio library onto the new computer. In Silhouette Studio go up to File > Import  > Import Library.  Make sure you do not click "Import TO Library."

importing silhouette studio library designs new computer, import silhouette studio designs to library
Once you have done this it will give you a pop up box where you can navigate to the exe file that you have on your My Cloud device, Google Drive, USB drive or wherever you safely stored the export.

move silhouette library, new computer, silhouette studio silhouette cameo new computer

You'll get a box on the right side of Silhouette Studio. First you need to enter your Silhouette America account email and password to confirm the library import.

Then the box will begin showing the import status progress.

silhouette studio local user silhouette cameo silhouette studio library tutorials

Depending on the size of your library, this could take a little while so be patient.

Once it successfully completes you're all done - you have moved your Silhouette Studio library to a new computer and all of the designs have even stayed in all of the folders and sub folders you've created to organize your Silhouette Studio library.

You can now plug in your Silhouette CAMEO to the new computer and begin cutting. You don't need to register it again or re-sync the Silhouette cutting machine.

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  1. Is there any way to move files one by one? I did the library export and it worked except it did not transfer 10 designs.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I tried this and none of my library files transferred.

  4. Will it recognize your paid versions when you log in? I.e. Designer/Business edition?

  5. Hi, I was not aware of having to do this prior to getting my new lap top. I didn't use the "cloud" with my other computer. I now have my lap top set up with Silhouette, but how can I move all of my designs, fonts and imagines over without the cloud?

  6. You were a life saver. I tried using the sync function first but all the files said "download failed". Problem was many files are from a time when Silhouette had licenses that no longer exist like Harry Potter and Beatrix Potter. This procedure is exactly what I needed. Thank heavens I had already setup OneDrive on my computer which gave me enough room for my files (5.5 GB!!). So grateful for the help.

  7. Hopefully someone can help. I had a laptop that I originally installed the business addition to. The cloud became full quickly as I didn't know about the "local" option. I no longer have access to that laptop. I've installed my studio onto several devices since then, and when I sign into my studio it will automatically download my files from the cloud from that laptop, but nothing after the cloud since it has shown STORAGE FULL even though the green marks showed on my newer files (because I did not switch to local, as I still didn't' have a clue lol). But on each pc install since then I had deleted all those old laptop files, only for them to keep coming back onto my new devices when I installed my studio. So for the past 2 yrs this has been happening, and I now have a new Desk top and a laptop that are synced and Studio installed. Same thing happening, but now I have recently learned about the Cloud vs Local check marks. I also discovered the Manage device folder. However, the yellow storage bar showed I had storage left (it was about 3/4 vs the full), so why would my library say it was STORAGE FULL? Moving on, I deleting all the old files once again along with empty folders I was not using. Device 1 (PC), I changed most my files to local, leaving a few (I thought to the cloud) with the green check mark hoping they would now be on device 2 (laptop). I deleted a ton bulk of the green checked files from PC 1 to hopefully bring my cloud storage down, but nothing changed on either device; the the Laptop 2 still had all deleted pc files remaining even though they were all checked green. Both devices still say STORAGE FULL at the bottom of my library list, and now the yellow bar in the Manage devices says full (what?). The other thing is While both devices say STORAGE FULL at the bottom of the library list, on device 2 the actual BLUE BAR under the words STORAGE FULL shows I only used 774.MB the 1024MB available space. So what gives? What am I doing wrong?? Please help lol.


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