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Game Changing Way to Organize Commercial Fonts!

You guys!!! I have some game changing news for you about how to organize all those commercial fonts.

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own
I get this question all the time from font hoarders Silhouette crafters who are just as obsessed as I am with font bundles from The Hungry JPEG...but struggle to organize fonts in Silhouette Studio.

The good news is it's about three clicks to get your commercial fonts organized!

The issue is you purchase all these bundles with commercial use fonts and then you can't remember which fonts downloaded and installed on your computer are available for commercial use....or which have the special extra characters. WELL...things just got real, my font lovin' friends!

This month when I downloaded the biggest font bundle ever from The Hungry JPEG I was on a mission to figure out an easy way to organize all 115 commercial fonts in the $19 bundle.   Seriously look at this awesomeness...and that's not even the complete Big Font Bundle

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Um...why didn't anyone tell me that The Hungry JPEG has literally done all the work for me?! All I had to do was press print. Seriously!

Here's the secret...when you purchase The Big Font Bundle you'll not only get all the fonts, but a Documentation folder that includes several files. The Font Capability file is the gem here.

easy way to organize fonts organize commercial fonts

When you open it, it lists all of the fonts included in the bundle.

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The fonts in the documents are not only alphabetized, but the font name is written out in the font style AND there is information about whether the font includes extra characters, dingbats or designs. If the font says "100% accessible" in any of these categories it means it has extra characters that can be opened in Silhouette Studio using this method. could keep this document saved on your computer and refer back to it when needed.  But what I found even easier was to simply print it!

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To print it, start by downloading the Font Capability spreadsheet to your computer. Do not copy and paste it into a new spreadsheet or the font styles will not come across accurately. When you download the file it will save as a PDF. This is what you want!

commercial fonts silhouette cameo items to sell

Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat. Make sure you are using the most recent free version of Adobe so you get all the great features!  This is the version I am using:

Once you have your Font Capability document opened in Adobe Acrobe go to File > Print. Don't print yet! This is a 20 page file so it's best if you can print front/back and if you can put multiple sheets on a single page.

These are my Adobe Acrobat printer settings which allowed me to print this entire Font Capability document - with 115 fonts - on just three sheets of paper - by putting multiple sheets on each page.
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Here's what it looks like after it's printed...

secret to printing out commercial fonts silhouette studio silhouette cameo the hungry jpeg bundle organization

And while yes it's's still easily readable when I need to quickly find a commercial use font that I can use for a Silhouette project I want to sell.

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I also printed out the main graphic for the bundle so I know immediately which bundle all of these fonts came from! 

best font bundles, where to get commercial fonts

All of this will go into a Commercial Use Font folder that I keep handy allowing me to easily and quickly look through my commercial use fonts and know exactly which bundle they came from! In this case the biggest font bundle ever from The Hungry JPEG: The Big Font Bundle.

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Genius, right?! Just another reason I love me some The Hungry JPEG.

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  1. I also use website to search my computer for fonts. Type a word into the search box , hit enter and it will show that word in every font on my computer

  2. I just purchased the Big Font Bundle from the Hungry Jpeg. I downloaded it to my computer. Where is the best place to extract it to? I'm new at this. Thanks!

  3. This is great, but do they also have the same documentation for other bundles I may have purchased from them?

  4. Ahh! I just bought & they give you a 10% off if you tweet their promotion, on top of using Honey- got it for $15! So excited to use these fonts- thanks for the share! :)

  5. The Dingbat/Ornament Key is even better!!


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