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Learn to Design in Silhouette Studio: Design Guide + Video Course Now Update for V4

You guys I'm so excited to announce that the Second Edition of the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio is now available!! If you want to make your own designs in Silhouette Studio V4 - you've hit the motherlode!

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The e-course is a combination of a 114 page ebook of Silhouette tutorials and 18 Silhouette Studio video lessons for a total of more than 4.5 hours of video instruction.  The second edition is completely updated from the original and now includes sections on Silhouette Studio V4 tools and features plus an added hours worth of video instruction!  You can check out the official sales page for full details on everything that's included.

When I first started writing the original Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing eCourse in...oh late 2016...there was soooo much I want to tell you about how to create your own custom designs in Silhouette Studio. I struggled with presenting the information because it requires soooo many screen grabs, photos, and illustrations - basically one for every click of the mouse.  It wasn't coming together like I had hoped so I put the ebook down.

Several months later I picked it back up basically started over...this time presenting this information as both a written ebook and video tutorials which can be streamed online and would much better serve Silhouette Studio users...and from there everything fell into place.

So of course when it came time to update the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio for the current version of Silhouette Studio V4 we kept the ecourse format.  For the second edition, I've added information on Silhouette Studio V4 tools for designing include conical warp, warp, font glyphs, and exporting as SVG/JPEG from Silhouette Studio.

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The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio ecourse is a comprehensive course that will not only teach you how to use the tools to design - it will build on the skills as you learn them so you feel confident creating your own designs - which you are free to use on items you sell! 

The ebook portion of the course is broken up into 18 progressive, self-guided lessons - with an accompanying video accessible (but not downloadable) at the end of each chapter.  This way you can read about designing - and you can quickly refer back - but you can also 'see' how to put the skills and tools into practical application while designing in Studio as well.  I hope that using the two together will make designing in Silhouette Studio 'click' for you and get your creative juices flowing!

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So who's the ecourse geared toward? Everyone!

Yup...I start right at the beginning with naming and describing each tool, the trick to 'seeing' your designs as you create, and how to use the basic drawing tools. As you progress through the lessons you'll build on the skills you've learned in previous lessons. By the time you get to about lessons 5 or 6 you'll be able to accomplish intermediate level skills and as you move into the later lessons you'll work through advanced techniques with ease!

And since I know that the burning question is price...I'll just put it all out there. The price for this one of a kind ecourse on how to design in Silhouette Studio for beginners to advanced users is $39.99.

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Honestly, we think it's worth more.  We know the value of all of this content on designing in Silhouette Studio is higher than that when you consider that you can make back your money in what you'll save from buying designs, selling your own designs, and selling items created with your own design files (Yup, I'll tell you how to convert them from Silhouette Studio files to SVGs).  And we know it's a steal based on the price of my other ebooks and my other online Silhouette video classes.  (Just to give you an idea my 45 minute introductory video on Silhouette CAMEO 3 sells for $19.99 through Swing Design- this ecourse includes 4x as many videos).

We know we're bias so here's what some Silhouette U members who has early bird access to the design ecourse are saying:
After completing the Ecourse I must say I'm amazed. Not only do the videos give you the opportunity to immediately practice what you've learned in each chapter, they assist you in thinking outside the box for designing. While learning to design you realize the possibilities are endless for all types of applications as you navigate the Ecourse. This Ecourse will not only benefit new users immensely but will also help the seasoned Silhouette user have those light bulb moments. I will definitely be recommending this Ecourse to my Silhouette friends as it far surpassed my expectations. - Michele W./Silhouette U member
My goodness Melissa -- I thought your new e-series package would be near $100--thanks for making it affordable! Thanks! - Patty P./Silhouette U member
Oh and just to sweeten the deal, if you bundle The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio Second Edition e-course with any or all of my other ebooks, you'll save on all of them.

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If you're as excited as we are about the new ecourse on designing in Silhouette Studio you can grab you instant digital download here...or head on over to the official sales page to learn even more about what you'll be getting when you purchase The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio ecourse!
Please note the videos included within the ebook portion of the course can NOT be downloaded due to size and privacy. They are available for you to stream online on your computer or devices as often as you'd like.

silhouetet studio v4 videos, silhouette studio tutorials, silhouette studio v4, design own designs silhouette

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful offer on your newest giveaway! To win your newest design course would be amazing! Congratulations!

  2. Hope you have a great course!

  3. You have been a lifesaver in helping me learn my Cameo! Keep up the good work.

  4. Thinking of buying this tutorial for my daughters birthday in March. How would I go about the purchase and delivery.
    This hopefully will kick start her using the cameo I bought for her a couple of years ago.

  5. What an amazing deal! I love your videos and all the tutorials you do. I have learned so much about my Silhouette machines and keep coming back for more.
    Thank you for everything you share!

  6. I am still running V1 on my silhouette and I am unable to download the updates (plus do not want to). Is this course based on designing in the newer versions? If I purchase it would it mean that a lot of it would be inassessable to me as it is things you can only do in newer versions?

  7. How to design in Silhouette Studio?? Fantastic idea, Melissa!!!

  8. The ideas and solutions you offer every day are fantastic, thank you. I can't tell you how many times I have thought "how am I going to do this?" and there you are, Melissa, with very easy to understand and follow answers.

  9. Excited about the new course. Maybe it will help me take the first step of actually taking my silhouette out of the box! 😬

  10. We have very resources in Canada for help with Silhouette. You are my "go to" resource. Thank you for loving this software and what it can do, as much as I do.

  11. Wow! As a true confession of a business owner - pre SIL (and post-crafter life), Melissa and her Silhouette School books, blog, University and video courses with workbook included are invaluable! As I was researching for a machine that would cut my customized fabric labels (Having used a rotary blade to handcut previously), I found that the Silhouette would serve my purposes as a "tool". Joining a few SIL Facebook pages it was apparent that others used this machine for not only crafting, but their businesses with varying materials. Interesting to me that these uses were possible, yet without any personal crafting interest in vinyl, paper or stickers (and so many more materials) I only played observer in every group I joined. UNTIL, I found the Silhouette School Blog! This is the first stop (and usually last) that is necessary for anyone learning to use their Silhouette. All the answers and support are here. I've renewed interest in crafting again .... often wishing that this were my pre-business days so that crafting was all that was important. After having purchased and used every book published by Melissa, I can give testimony to the fact that if you are using your SIL for business you NEED to purchase these books, learn from them and begin to really build your business!! Tonight I begin the Designing Course with the videos and am super excited. When I have a challenge or a question - this is the place to ask ... answers are always available. Join the Silhouette University if you are in business, because knowledge is power! Crafter only - same - you will become an expert if you follow along and learn from the best. On my way to being a crafter again with my "business" machine - can you say score? Thanks Melissa!

  12. I've not been at this very long and have so much to learn...........The Ultimte Silhouette Guide to Designing eCourse would be just the Ultimate prize to win!

  13. I would have like to enter the contest for the E-Course for Designing, but I can't figure out how to do it. I can't find anything that will take me to the contest. Is there something I am not seeing, or something wrong with my computer?

  14. What another awesome publication of yours, Melissa. Would be in heaven if I won it. Thanks so much for the chance. :-)

  15. Awesome! I bought my silhouette a couple of years ago and have been afraid of it I've learned so much from this blog. Please pick me!!! :)

  16. Thanks for writing this, I bought my Cameo ages ago with the idea of designing my own cutting files, but was never able to find any good tutorials on design.

    This has come along at just the right time for me, so I've downloaded the book today and am looking forward to becoming designer of my own files at last :) xxx

  17. Thanks for testing the new Design Studio for us. I'm going to wait until it leaves the beta stage before downloading it. Thanks for all you do Melissa!


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