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Secret Weapon for Applying Vinyl Decals Straight and Level

You guys know the struggle is real when it comes to applying vinyl straight on the surface, right?!  Of course you do!
silhouette cameo vinyl apply vinyl straight
Large projects especially  - such as vinyl wall decals or wood sign stencil. They can be a huge challenge and while the hinge method to applying vinyl is amazing, there's a little gadget that might just make things even faster and more accurate when applying vinyl decals to any surface!!!

Silhouette School monthly contributor Cat from Pocketful of Posies is here today to show us how to use the Clip on Stencil Level.

Hi all! Today I am here to share the what I consider to be the ultimate tool for creating perfectly level designs.  Seriously when you see this handy little gadget you are going to wonder how you ever got along with out it before. 

leveling vinyl trick how to layer vinyl how to level vinyl 

So what is the ultimate leveling tool?  This Clip on Stencil Level is the most amazing tool leveling your design on any kind of a hard surface - and I bet you've never heard of it before! 

This handy little tool is super light weight so it won't pull on your designs as you apply them and if you need a little level for smaller projects, say I don't know travel mugs, you can easily trim down the plastic wings and be left with a itty-bitty little level that will clip on to your designs.  Ensuring the perfect placement each and every time. 

So now how do you use this clip on level to apply vinyl decals and ensure they're straight, even and level? 

To use this Stencil Level I cut my design as always, then I make sure to align my vinyl design up squarely along one of the grids on my transfer tape.   Either weeding before or after applying the transfer tape depending on your weeding preference. 

 applying vinyl straight tips for applying vinyl wall decal 

To ensure the Clip on Stencil Level doesn't stick to my vinyl or transfer tape I cut a small strip of the white backing material that came off the transfer tape and apply it over the vinyl/transfer tape, shiny side down. 

Then I gently slide the edge of the Clip on Stencil Level over this section.  So now it's attached to my design while I apply the design - but will easily slide off when I'm ready to commit to the placement.

 Leveling Vinyl Trick for Signs & Silhouette Crafts 

Then I align my design on surface of my project using the Clip on Stencil Level to ensure everything is perfectly placed.  You use it just like a regular level - watching the position of the bubble!   

Once the majority of my design is applied I simply slid off the Clip on Stencil Level and remove the protective strip.  Then I smooth down the last little bit of my design onto the surface and remove the transfer tape.

Leveling Vinyl Trick for Signs & Silhouette Crafts 

Seriously I don't know if I would have been able to get the grids placed correctly on my new DIY Dry Erase Calendar with out this amazing little tool! 

dry erase vinyl calendard diy vinyl applying straight 

Thank you again to Melissa for opening up her blog to me!  I hope you find this amazing little tool as handy as I do when applying vinyl decals!!!   

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