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Finding and Installing Previous Versions of Silhouette Studio

Did you know that it's possible to revert back to older versions of Silhouette Studio? This may be necessary for any number of reasons.  One of the big reasons Silhouette users need to go back to an older version of Silhouette Studio is to restore their library. Sometimes when you upgrade to a new versions of Silhouette Studio, your whole library doesn't transfer over.  Most times, reverting back to an older version of Silhouette Studio will bring back the complete library.

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Not only does Silhouette America offer the current version of the Silhouette Studio for download, they also older versions - and a lot of them.  First you should find out what version of Silhouette Studio you are running.

Then you'll want to go to Silhouette America's website and click on the Update Software button.  There you'll find the current versions, but also the Beta and Legacy versions of Studio. The Legacy versions are previous versions.

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You can click on any one of them to download and install on your computer.

You should be aware of a few things if you do this. First of all, Silhouette Studio has gone through many updates, some of the more major than others....some of them more buggy than others.

Silhouette Studio Version 3.6.057 is the most recent version of the software that does not use the Cloud. So if you aren't a fan of the Cloud or can't use it for whatever reason, you'll want to make sure you are using a version prior to 3.6.057.

Also, until late last month all available versions of the software could access the Silhouette Online Store, but recently (and quietly) that ability has been changed.  Those using Silhouette Studio 2.9.67 quickly noticed they were no longer able to access the online store through their software and those purchased from the website can not be synced into the Silhouette Studio library.  That version of the Studio was released with a significant security update relating to payment. The release notes state the update "remove(d) support for non-secure SSL protocol" and I'm guessing that has something to do with lack of support now for the online store.

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  1. I got numerous emails and/or notice on the store site explaining that there would be an update and without it store access would not be possible.

  2. Good Morning, When I upgraded to the cloud version I lost a lot of files. To make a long story short... I decided to live with it. I have an older version of silhouette (older than the version I lost the files from) installed on a different computer that I rarely use. Is it possible that I could upgrade it to the version that has my missing library and get the files on that computer? Thanks, Tammy

  3. This is a dumb question. It if I update my software can I delete the previous version off my computer? To save the space? I think I still have a few versions of studio on my computer and it takes up some room it I was afraid to delete it.

  4. Yesterday when I saw that there was an Update, I went ahead & updated the Software. BIG mistake. My Husband & I could not get my Machine to cut (with Software Update). I saw this post & tried (multiple times) to uninstall the Update & to reinstall the older version, & it won't let me!! I have an order of Shirts I have to get done by Monday, & this is NOT what I needed!! Do you have ANY advise to share on how to get my Cameo (2) to connect with the Updated Software, or how to go about reinstalling the older Software for I can use my Machine again??

  5. Hi Melissa, I reverted back to the 3.6 version and everything is there and I just want to thank you for getting back with me and all your help when I was having problems. I love my Cameo and really appreciate all your tutorials and help with all the issues and fun tips to try out! Thank you again!!

  6. Good info! In order to revert to an older version must I first uninstall the version I have now? I tried just clicking on the older version download and was given the message that a newer version was already installed.

  7. Above, she says: "Silhouette Studio Version 3.6.057 is the most recent version of the software that does not use the Cloud. So if you aren't a fan of the Cloud or can't use it for whatever reason, you'll want to make sure you are using a version prior to 3.6.057." Shouldn't it say "...make sure you are using version 3.6.057 or previous versions"??

    Also, she says: "I'm guessing that has something to do with lack of support now for the online store." What does that mean - lack of support now for online store??? They're not supporting THEIR store?

    Thanks, Robin

  8. I got the same message as Betsy when I tried to revert today. Help, please! My library is almost entirely gone!!

  9. Good day I want to revert back to my older version, I downloaded the new Beta version but it keeps hanging, I have downloaded the older version but every time I try and install it says newer version is installed... pse help

  10. Thank you! I accidentally updated to V4 and have been frantically trying to figure out what to do as it doesn't work well with my computer or my files!

    I knew that you would have an answer!

  11. Jennifer Lynn HarrisonMarch 28, 2018 at 4:24 PM

    I recently bought the cameo 3 and I love it. It took some getting use to the software at first. Then I thought it would be great to update to the designer has been a nightmare for me to get use to the eraser tool and line tools they work completely different from the basic edition, which I thought was extremely easy to use to fix designs. Is there a solution to use the tools like in the basic in the designer edition?

  12. I'm confused, I cannot run the 64bit software but I just purchased the cameo 4 does this mean I cannot use the machine I purchased?
    I purchased the business edition and have downloaded a version that works with 32bit but I'm concerned since everyone is saying the new update is needed for the cameo 4. I don't know if I should cancel my order since it hasn't shipped yet.... Please advise me as to what I should do


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