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Silhouette School Office/Craft Room Makeover: Behind the Scenes

I get a whole lotta questions about my office...none more than about my lamp (which I picked up from a neighbor at a yard sale and spray painted). But today I'm not talking about the lamp or the chair, I'm talking about how I finally got my home office/craft room/blogging headquarters organized!!

craft room, home office, Silhouette School

As you can imagine when you have a blog like Silhouette School you have a lot of...stuff. I'm talking five Silhouette machines (Portrait, CAMEO, CAMEO 2, Curio, and Mint), a heat press, lamintor, Xyron, printer, computer, enough vinyl to make my husband cringe every time another tube mailer shows up in the mail, endless stacks of papers, supplies, tools and gadgets to demo, review, and use.

The problem is I only have so much room.

For a while there I had a whole lot less of it, because I was sharing this room with my husband. I was generous and gave him a corner...quite literally.
craft room, home office, Silhouette School
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It didn't last long....

I can deal with a rather "lived in" craft room and office because I can just shut the door when I walk out. But when my office-mate moved in, it wasn't so much a matter of half-done projects all over the place, but now I literally had half the space and I was sharing with a guy who doesn't like 'stuff'.  So like they do in NYC where square footage is also limited, we built up.

In our case we added shelving.  (I really had my heart set on a she-shed, but I settled for shelves instead. I mean, I can compromise with the best of 'em when I have to.)  I should also point out, it was those six months of officemate-hood that lead to my infamous #bosslady chair....but we'll get to that in a minute.

Now, you should know, me and my contractor are like the point he sent me a $100 restaurant gift card for Christmas.  But the office wasn't getting the contractor's touch, we (and by
we', I mean me) were DIYing it as we maxed out our contractor budget by like January of last year. ha.

Anyway, I was inspired by a "Shelf Help" office makeover I saw in the September 2015 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  It used a combination of tracks, brackets and wood shelves to create a custom shelving system that fit the space and function.

I headed to Home Depot to pick up the following...I've also linked to all of the items on Amazon for easy shopping:
I hung these bad boys completely by myself (with only the help of the stud finder), first drilling the Hang Track horizontally across the top of my space. This is the piece that holds the vertical shelf track - which snap into it.

Once the Hang Track was secure, I added the three vertical shelf tracks. I positioned them strategically so I could put the screws right into the studs.  There's no need to mess with screw anchors this way.  (I have NO idea now why I didn't remove the clipboards as I was working...)

craft room, home office, Silhouette School, hang tracks, shelves

Once the tracks were up,  I added the shelf brackets and then rummaged through my garage for a few pieces of spare wood that would work for the shelves.

craft room, home office, Silhouette SchoolI then started shopping my house (and let's be honest, Target's Dollar Spot) to find pretty storage containers to organize all those odds and ends.  My six foot long folding table (so fancy!) still serves as my desk and it slides right up under the lowest shelf.  I'm happy to report all of my machines and various other gadgets now have a home...on the wall!

craft room, home office, Silhouette School

I later added the hot pink office chair from Walmart and added my own personal touch just for giggles.

My husband took one look at my pretty new shelving (I'm sure he didn't miss the chair, as I made it specifically for him) and asked if I could put the same shelving on his side of the office.

craft room, home office, Silhouette School

And so we did.  I may have snagged 90% of the shelving space on that side too. He's a dude, he doesn't need much room.

craft room, home office, Silhouette School

Oh and one last thing if you're starting to get office envy over my office/craft room/Silhouette School headquarters...don't! Most days, let's be real here, it looks more like this...

craft room, home office, Silhouette School

than this...

All Thing Silhouette, Melissa and Bob, Silhouette School

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  1. Thank you to share, I saw the shoes rack for storage the vynil very good idea. I was wondering how you keep your paper stock (15x15) organized ,mine are just a mess.

  2. lol....mine is like the last photo...not sure I'll ever get to the organized phase, but it's worth aspiring to loftier goals!

  3. Hi this is my 1st ever comment as I am new to your blog. I just wanted to say thank you as I have learned a few things I didn't no about my portrait.I am lucky enough to have a craft room but they are never big enough for everything us crafters just have to have lol. I managed to get 2 sets of drawers they use here in England in schools for children to put there books in and there the perfect size for a4 card and papers and still there's never enough room. I am going to show my husband your fantastic efforts to which he will roll his eyes but do something similar.

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  12. Great idea! I had my hubby so something similar, except he attached the shelves to a back board connected to my desk, we rent and are not allowed to put holes in the walls. Also, thank you for posting the photo of what your desk "normally" looks like, it is good to know I am not the only person who struggles with keeping a clean craft area with all the projects I want to do :)

  13. I couldn't ever share my office/craft room only enough space for me,no men allowed! Secondly I'm organized and he is Not! He only comes in there to kiss me goodnight or try to spy on any new things I might or might not have bought with out his knowledge! Lol wonder if he'll notice my new cricut easypress?? Your space is starting to shape up. Love it!


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