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9 Must Have Christmas Blanks (and Where to Get Them!)

I'm a sucker for blanks...probably because I love to customize a blank slate using my Silhouette. Of course around Christmas I have even more of an excuse to stock up on craft blanks with all the decorating and gift giving.

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Today I'm sharing 9 of my favorite Christmas blanks...and where to get them! Christmas Blanks for Crafters.

Burlap pillows covers...cause you can never have too many pillows (just ask my husband - he's learned.)

burlap, pillow covers, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

Speaking of burlap, how about some adorable Christmas burlap stockings. Keep them for yourself or personalize them to sell! In case you need tips on adding htv to burlap, here's a tutorial.

burlap, christmas stockings, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

Last year I got on the Santa Sack bandwagon sled! I spent hours making these adorable Santa Sacks, but they took a lot of time to design, cut, and press and a required a ton of vinyl.

santa sacks, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv, personalized

They took up so much time I only ended up making a few of them and sold them all and never did make any for my own kids. So this year I cheated and went with a ready-to-personalize Santa Sacks. For $7 and just a scrap piece of glitter red htv - I'm a fan.

santa sacks, personalize, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

While we're talking HTV - who doesn't love Christmas jammies? They're so fast and simple to make too - just cut the name in a coordinating color and press it on! The trick with these is to buy them early. If you're selling, plan ahead next year and stock up in July and August when you get great deals and find lots in stock.

christmas pjs, blanks, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

personalized, christmas pjs, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

Red and green raglan tees are also among my must-haves! If you can find the hard-to-find kids long sleeves, even better! These are from Old Navy.

baseball t-shirts, blanks, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

And for the little babies, plain white long sleeve onesies are a must - you can do ohhhh so much with them!

onesies, baby bodysuits, christmas blanks, heat transfer vinyl, htv

A few dollar store items and vinyl and you'll have yourself some custom dishes for Santa! These mason jar mugs are adorable for etching or adding a Santa belt.

mason jar, blanks, christmas blanks, vinyl, adhesive vinyl

Don't forget the cookies, too! A few polka dots and some text are all you need to make a cute plate for Santa's cookies. (Remember, vinyl's not food safe)

cookie plate, blanks, christmas blanks, vinyl, adhesive vinyl

And here's another take on the Cookies for Santa plate - this one is made using a gold Dollar Store charger.

charger plate, blanks, christmas blanks, vinyl, adhesive vinyl

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  3. I didn't have a lot gift Christmas at last year, but I have this one what is one best gift I ever had. Hoping Christmas this year will be amazing for everyone :)

  4. A friend that has an embroidery machine told me about this place. Prices are really good for boutique/hard to find blanks. I use them for gifts...


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