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Silhouette Studio Ruler Disappeared! How to Show Ruler in Silhouette Studio V4

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition opens up a bunch of extra features - and among them is a ruler along the top and sides of the work area.  Sometimes that ruler seems to disappear on its own.

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No worries - it's easy to get back.

Open up Silhouette Studio and from the right sidebar open the Page Setup panel. 

Click the second Grid/Options tab. This is where you'll find the option to turn on and off the rulers. 

silhouette studio, designer edition, rulers, page setup panel

Under Options you'll see the Rulers control.  If the Rulers button is NOT blue, that means the rulers are currently turned off. 

How to Show Ruler in Silhouette Studio V4 

Click the Ruler button to toggle the rulers on. The button will then show up as blue. 

silhouette studio, designer edition, rulers, page setup panel

This same Options/Grid tab within the Page Setup Panel also has controls the following design area tools and features: 

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  1. I was so excited to see this post, only when I went into my grid options I don't have the rulers and crosshairs options like yours shows :( Any suggestions??

    1. My rulers disappeared after the October software update. In the user's manual I found that rulers are only a feature of the Designer edition, which I have. But when I checked the software version, it no longer recognized my Designer edition. I got the key from my account at Silhouette's website, and re-entered it under the Help menu. My rulers came back! I also contacted customer support to ask them to reset my download tries, since it was a glitch in their software that required me to have to re-enter the key. They did that right away.

  2. Mine is not showing either, tried the updating account thing and no luck. Have contacted Sil via email for tech support.


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