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How to Use Baseball Style Fonts in Silhouette Studio (and a Fontbabulous Commercial Font Deal)

Oh I am giddy today....because the new monthly font deal is out from The Hungry JPEG and not only does it include 70 awesome fonts, but among them is a baseball font that is super duper easy to use (and commercial friendly!) That's like a grand slam, my friends!

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

I'll show you exactly how to use it in a second...

First, though, here's a quick look at some of my favorites goodies in this month's $29 know the drill...all the fonts are Sil friendly, all the fonts include commercial licenses, and all the fonts are just too fab not to have!

Now let's talk about my fav among the favorites...Trademark! This font, which I'm calling a 'baseball style font' is one of those that includes a whole bunch of glyphs and extra characters AND it's specially coded so they're all accessible in Silhouette Studio.
Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo
I went into a lot of detail on how to use specially-coded fonts with glyphs and extra on either PC or MAC previously, so I'm not going to bog this tutorial down with all the nitty gritty.  If you need an in-depth refresher check out how to 1) download and install new fonts into Silhouette Studio and  2) access hidden font characters on MAC here and PC here. Then come on back because this is too cool!

Just like with any new font you want to open in Silhouette Studio, first you need to download and install Trademark onto your computer. The next time you open up Silhouette Studio, it will be in your font list.

Okay once you've done that, open Studio and type out your word - this could be a team name or you child's name or your city...whatever!   I just typed my text in the default text.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

Once it was sized, I selected 'Trademark' from the font style list to change the font. Now you'll notice the e is the standard e still. I need to grab one of those special glyphs to get the banner below the name.

Use the process explained in the links above to grab the characters from your font book on MAC or your character map on PC.

Copy the character.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

Back in Silhouette Studio, click in the text box and delete the letter you want to replace.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

Now paste the new letter from your font book/character map.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

If you want to add some text in the banner, don't weld yet.

Instead, right click the character you just added with the banner and 'convert to path'. This will allow you to add text inside that banner and have the text take the shape of the banner - as slight as it may be.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

In the screen grab below, notice how the e is now gray.  That indicates it's now a path (shape) and no longer text.

Start a second text box and type out the text you want in the banner. Pick your font and size it.

Double click to get the green box, then use the directional arrow to pull it into the banner. If you don't want it more in the middle of the banner use the slider bar to pull the text up.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

When you get it where you want it, convert the text to path > right click > convert to path. This will keep it in it's shape.

Now select the large text and you can weld it together so it cuts as a solid piece.  If you're cutting on HTV, flip that bad boy and cut! 

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

Weed the vinyl, including the letters in the banner, and you're all set to iron or press your HTV decal onto a shirt.

Silhouette Studio, baseball font, baseball, Silhouette Cameo

I went with a baseball style raglan shirt as a play on the font..and I love the way it turned out!

While I made this one for my little man, since Trademark and all the fonts that come in the Fontabulous Font Bundle come with the commercial license, you can legally sell items you make using this font!  Ohhhh the possibilities!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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  1. Can anyone tell me whether you can have too many fonts on your computer? I seem to recall hearing this. I'm still trying to get October's bundle downloaded and it takes soooo long. But I'm afraid I will run out of computer space with all of these fonts I keep getting. Thanks.

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  5. i have a mac and when i try to drag and drop it doesnt work and won't work by copying and pasting either?

  6. Baseball style font is very stylish font. Thanks for share your exclusive path.

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