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New Silhouette School booklet..and More Exciting Stuff is Happening

So from time to time I like to take a pause from the Silhouette tutorials, tips and tricks to get a little more personal here on Silhouette School. Now is one of those times.  I might be a little excited...don't even judge my overly-excited-selfie face and jazz hand! (Look mom no hands and I still took a selfie...tricky, eh!)
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As some of you know - I am in the process of closing my Etsy shop. A big reason for that is the direction in which Silhouette School is going.  Have no fear the blog and social media outlets aren't going anywhere - if anything they're only going to grow and be even more awesome!

I keep telling you there's lot of big stuff happening behind the scenes and I'm thrilled to finally be able to share at least one or two of those 'things' with you.  
The first is I'm excited to have recently joined forces with Swing Design - one of the top retailers/wholesalers/distributors of Silhouette machines, bundles, products and accessories.  A few months ago they approached me for a collaboration and we are a booklet later! :)

Yup, I've been busy writing another book.  The idea for the 5 Silhouette Beginner Tutorials: To Get You Cutting Now booklet was born out of frustrations that I help newbies work through almost on the daily.  Email after email after email from new users have the same overall theme: they're working on a project and they keep running into issues. The biggest factor, that I see repeatedly, is that these projects are almost never beginner level.

How's a new user to know what's considered beginner, intermediate or advanced? It's impossible to know....but now I'm here to tell you what's truly beginner-friendly so you can get off to a good, frustration-free start with your machine!  Believe me you're gonna wanna be BFFs with this thing!

This new booklet, which now comes free with many of Swing's CAMEO and Portrait bundles, is also sold separately in instant download version. It walks new users through five tutorials specifically created, by me, for beginners. There is one tutorial, each with a free cut file, for each of the five most popular Silhouette projects and material: vinyl, htv, paper, sketch, and print and cut.

This 10 page starter booklet is in no way meant for everyone. Basically if your machine is still in the box...then you need it.   If your machine is out of the box, but you are so intimidated you put it back in the box because you have no idea where to start - then you need it.  If you are trying to pick a first project but have no idea what's considered 'beginner' - then you need it.  In no way is the starter booklet meant to replace "The Ultimate Silhouette Guide" - it's simply a starter booklet with beginner level projects to make you feel confident in getting that machine out of the box and comfortable using it for the first time.

And there's more good news, the booklet also includes a 15% off coupon for my full ebook because I'm confident that after newbies work through the booklet they're going to want to know all they can about how to take full advantage of Silhouette Studio and their machine and my guide is the best way to know how (IMHO of course)...just ask the 6000+ who've already downloaded it! 

The 150 page Ultimate Silhouette Guide is an easy-to-search, in depth, printable reference guide to teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your Silhouette machine.  If you want a tutor at your fingertips to answer every question and troubleshoot issues when you get stuck mid-project - this is your book! Maybe you’ve tried using your machine, but you are struggling to understand the Silhouette Studio software.  You may not even be a beginner, but you are having trouble getting beyond the basics to take full advantage of the huge capabilities of the machine and software.   If you fall into any of these categories The Ultimate Silhouette Guide is for you!

Speaking of my book The Ultimate Silhouette Guide, I am beyond ecstatic that, again thanks to Swing, it's now being bundled with some of the most popular CAMEO and Portrait bundles!  Some of them are available on Amazon and some are found exclusively on

I promise you there's more good stuff working behind the scenes...and I'll be sharing more with you just as soon as I can! 

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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  1. Congrats Melissa!!! You are always so helpful and your book has been a great help as I learn my machine.

  2. Is it too late to order a hard copy of your book (s) for the Conference?

  3. WOOO HOOO I am so excite and heading over to purchase now.

  4. Wow - I wish I had this book when I got my Silhouette years ago! Congratulations.

  5. I am a 67 year old Silhouette user. I have had my Silhouette for years and years. I did not grow up using computers.I have a hard time with the terms. I have no desire to cut vinyl. I want to understand how to use the icons across the top of the Silhouette software. How do I make those cute designs from the Silhouette design store that are colored? I don't understand how to use the pens I have. Do they ever run out of ink? I have had a set for years.
    What book fits my needs?

    Congratulations Melissa on your new endeavors. You have helped a lot of Silhouette users.

    1. Hi Cathe! The Ultimate Silhouette Guide would be your best bet! :)

  6. The link for the beginners book doesn't work

  7. Links aren't working. Also, are the beginner tips included in the Ultimate guide?

  8. Link isn't working...Is there a way to apply that 15% discount coupon to the new booklet IF we have already purchased the Ultimate Guide? I sing its praises to everyone...

  9. Yes, I can't get the link to work either?

  10. Is this starter guide the best of the best of Silhouette School Blog?

  11. I bought the ultimate silhouette guide. Do I buy this one you are talking about or does it come as an add on to the one I bought? Thanks

  12. I bought the Samantha Font. How do I get it into my Silhouette and into my Embird embroidery software programs. The Samantha font I see on side of your blog and on the site I bought it from doesn't look like Samantha Font. I have even had the lady who made the font write me ,call me and we tried many days to get this into my Silhouette Verzion 3 . I feel buying these fonts are a waste, they are so hard to get into the silhouette software and embroidery software. I wish there was a simpler way to get the fonts into the programs.Sure hope you can guide me or others that might have trouble getting these fonts into our programs. Thanks


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