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How to Open Free Files in Silhouette Studio on MAC and PC (Downloaded from Dropbox, Etc)

We interrupt this week's Freebie Friday post to share with to download and use the Freebie Friday Silhouette Cut files! 

Every week here on Silhouette School I offer a free Silhouette Studio cut file.  And every week I get more and more questions about how to download and open the free files in Silhouette Studio. So today I'm going to show you how to open free cut files in Silhouette Studio so you can take full advantage!

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC

First let's talk about Dropbox.  In order for me - and other bloggers and designers - to share free cut files with the masses I need some place to upload the file that you can also access to then download the file.  Dropbox is the easiest and free-est solution - there's no cost on your end. I pay a small monthly fee in order to keep this many files on Dropbox which is online storage like a cloud.  Okay so you need a Dropbox account. Go get it! :) 

The way I can share the file with you is to share the link directly to the file. The link for Silhouette Studio3 will look something like this (I also include one for those of you still on V2):

The URL will be something like this (although you won't see it, you'll just click something like the above):

On a Mac: 

When you click that link you'll get a screen that looks like this.

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC
Click 'Download' and you'll get another pop up box where you'll want to click "Save File."

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC

Now...the file is saved onto your computer wherever your computer saves files - most likely the 'Download Folder."  If you can't find the file, just use your computer's search function and look for the file name.

At this point you want to open up Silhouette Studio.

There are two options for the next step:

If you want to open the file to cut or manipulate it immediately, click File > Open then navigate to the file wherever it was downloaded (ie Download Folder)

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC

This is what you'll get...

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC

If you'd prefer to immediately save the free Studio file to your library, you can do that too. When Studio opens click File > Import > Import to Library then navigate to the file wherever it was downloaded (ie Download Folder).

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC

Rename the file if you'd like to and add any details. Then click 'close.'  The design will be saved to your Silhouette Studio library.

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC


If you are on a PC, you'll want to follow these steps to save free Silhouette Studio files with Windows. (This is Windows 7 so yours may look slightly different if you're on a newer or older operating system.)

Open up Silhouette Studio first so it's open when you are working in Dropbox.

Click the link provided to download the file.  On the pop up box (1) click 'Download'.  Then click 'Save' (2) and finally click 'Open' (3). If you have Silhouette Studio open while you're doing all this your file will open immediately in Silhouette Studio (4).

Silhouette Studio, open files, open free files, Mac, PC

Once the file opens, you can save it to your library by File > Save to Library and naming the file.

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  1. I continue to get the message :The document "cameo 2 control panel.studio3"could not be opened. Dropbox cannot open files of this type. I am on a I need to change my settings or my server...I am using Safari?? Thanks

  2. Thank you for the explanation - your site is much appreciated.

  3. When I tried to import it into my library it said I needed a newer version. But when I checked Silhouette said there are no newer versions. What do I do now?

    1. It actually said, "The file you are attempting to access needs updated software."

  4. Thank you so much for this. Now if I can remember how to do this the next time I need it.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I am using the v2 SS with Designer Edition and am also getting the message in SS that the file is not supported. It is almost like i am trying to open up a V3 file but i know that i have downloaded the V2 file? Any help would be appreciated. By the site I have learnt quite a bit from you here on this site. Thank you very much.

  7. I have an cricut expression and tried to download your files for use with sure cuts a lot and inkscape but am not able to. Can you help me with this. I'm not able to afford the newer version of the cricut and I love my expression. Thanks so much in advance. Kim


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