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New Ways to Connect with Silhouette School

Silhouette School Blog, Silhouette School, Silhouette tutorial
Times are a-changing and that means Silhouette School is changing with them...since Silhouette School started about 20 months ago there's been some changes to the way we connect with all of you and we've recently added some new options for those who prefer videos, live demos, mobile-friendly school and lessons straight to email!

Aside from the blog (obvi) - there's always Facebook, of course, Pinterest and Instagram  - which combined are more than 80,000 followers strong!  And there's good 'ol' fashion' email, which either myself or Ashlee, my assistant, strive to respond to within 24 hours.

After a brief hiatus, the email newsletter is back up and running and it's available for free - you can choose between daily or weekly email delivery to stay on top of new lessons on the blog.

The newly updated Silhouette School mobile site is up and running easier and more search-friendly than ever for times when you're looking for Silhouette tutorials from your phone.  You can even get an app-like icon on your phone's home screen.  Please know, you won't find it in the app store because it's not an 'app' it's more like a bookmark.  Here's how to add it to your phone's home screen...

iPhone users:
  • Go to from your phone's browser.  
  • Click the Bookmark tool along the bottom 
  • Add to Home Screen 
  • Add 
  • By simply clicking the icon it you'll get straight to Silhouette School blog.  
Silhouette School Blog, Silhouette School, Silhouette tutorial
Android users:
  • Go to from your phone's browser
  • Press the menu key 
  • On the screen that pops up press "add to home screen" 
  • An icon should show up on your home screen.  
Prefer video? I've been semi-resistant to YouTube for a bunch of reasons, which I won't get into, but I've recently been picking up the pace to enhance the written tutorials further. You can find my still relatively slim channel on YouTube if you prefer to watch over read.

And last but not least - the newest addition - a brand new live broadcasting video app available for both iPhone and Mobile called Periscope. ( It's free to join and once you do just search "SilhouetteSchool" and follow along) Periscope I like more than YouTube because it's quick and there's no editing video involved.  It's just fly by the seat of my pants - which sometimes proves rather humorous or disastrous.  I bring you into my craft room and we see what happens.  Lots of times I'm demoing new products or sharing a quick technique or trick or just sharing what I'm working on at the moment. There will always be a follow up tutorial on the blog - usually not the same day - but it's not out of the question.  One thing to know about Periscope is if you can't catch the broadcast live, you can always watch it back later  - but only for 24 hours.  Also, if see a product that I demo on Periscope be sure to check out the brand spankin' "As Seen on Sil School Periscope" page on the blog under the "Product Reviews" tab for more info or to pick one up for yourself!

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  1. Periscope sounds great - now if I just had and iphone or mobile phone with internet - I'm too old for these new fangled things.

    1. It's worth double checking but I think you can watch Periscope from the internet too on your laptop/desktop computer. Just look into it because it provides stats of people who have watched it from the web - hope I'm right for your sake so you don't miss out!

  2. I adore your Ultimate Silhouette Guide book. I purchased it as an e-book and printed it out and had it bound by Office Depot. It is the best purchase I have ever made besides my Cameo. I am wondering how will we know when there are updates to the book and how do we get the updates. Thanks so much for your good works.


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