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Silhouette Troubleshooting: Fix for Jagged Cut Lines in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio, fix, jagged cut lines, Silhouette troubleshooting
I'm answering a reader question the blog today on an issue that I've experienced myself. The question comes from Jenny who writes:
"I updated to v3 and now my lines are not showing up clean in studio on my fonts. When I cut they are jagged. Any ideas on what is causing this?"
 I should start by saying I'm not convinced this is a V3 bug. I updated from V2 to V3 almost a year ago and only just recently experienced this issue and only on one file.  

Regardless, the fix is actually pretty easy, but first let's look at the problem. 

What Jenny is referring to are cut lines in Silhouette Studio that are not smooth.  If you look closely at this 'Welcome' file that I created, you can see the same thing is happening here.  That 'e' for example should be smooth, not rigid the way it is. 

Silhouette Studio, fix, jagged cut lines, Silhouette troubleshooting

I actually didn't notice the issue until after I cut and you can see the design cut that way too.  What a waste of 14" of vinyl. 

Silhouette Studio, fix, jagged cut lines, Silhouette troubleshooting

PS: I have no idea why the blue backing looks's not really so I'm blaming it on the sheen.

I have cut this file many times and never had an issue...but all of the sudden the lines were rigid.  I closed the file and reopened in another work area and still the result was the same. Clearly the original text file was curropt. 

In a new work area, I re-typed the word using the same font, Samantha, and the text was fine. The line were smooth in Silhouette Studio and they were also just as they should be when I cut the design. 

Silhouette Studio, fix, jagged cut lines, Silhouette troubleshooting, Samantha font

I suggested Jenny do the same and when she closed out her file, retyped the text in a new Studio work area and cut again...her text lines were smooth, too. 

In this case I don't know what causes the issue, I just know how to fix it and in some cases that's good enough. 

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  1. What do you mean open in another work area? I had this happen in a "family" image I bought in silhouette studio.

  2. open another new page or new drawing page it is called... the first icon or picture in the top left corner of your silhouette

  3. That is fantastic information.

  4. This is actually caused by resizing after ungrouping, then regrouping. Figured this ouy the other day. :)

    1. I have a B monogram file that came with two monograms. How do i separate them without ungrouping? I have tried erasing and that causes the same problem.

  5. I have jagged lines whether it's text, a drawn shape, or a purchased file. I've tried adjusting settings, changing my screen resolution, checking for updates of drivers. All to no avail. :(

    1. Did you figure out how to fix this? I'm having the same problem

    2. so am I! I have un installed and re installed and no dice! Hard to connect lines or erase when you don't know what is the real deal

  6. Me too! I use the Trace Area section for most of my work - creating block-colored files to cut. Whether it is coincidental or not, when I used V2 it worked fine to select the whole of the image and it would trace around the image really well.
    Now in V3 it struggles. It's almost as though over a certain size/area it cannot cope with the amount of vectors it has to create and so makes poor choices on the adjoining lines - resulting in choppy cuts and poor finish.
    I have tried all sorts of tricks - some forums suggested increasing the packet size in the advanced preferences, but that didn't do anything.
    I now have to painstakingly select smaller sections to then remove the outer cut lines of each section and then add it all up - takes ages :S

  7. Go under VIEW then PREFERENCES and under DISPLAY find the CURVE QUALITY slider and move it all the way to 50. I use v3 still and mine was initially set at 1 the lowest setting so my fonts curves were looking and cutting jagged.


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