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Why Purchased Silhouette Designs Aren't In Your Library

Silhouette Store, Silhouette library, not in library
A few weeks ago I added a Silhouette CAMEO to my collection of craft supplies essentials. I've been plugging along on my Portrait for almost a year now and having no issues, but when I spotted an awesome deal on the Cameo I decided it was finally time to upgrade.

Fast forward a few weeks and I realized NONE of the designs I had purchased or downloaded from the Silhouette Design Store, since adding the CAMEO, were showing up in my Silhouette library.

I was able to recover them in a round about way - opening Studio and clicking on the FILE menu > Download Pending Orders.  But I really didn't want to have to do this every time I opened up Silhouette Studio so I'm glad I figured out the issue: I never registered my Silhouette CAMEO.

As soon as I registered by CAMEO the designs started auto-downloading in my library the next time I opened up Silhouette Studio after making the purchase from the store.

Silhouette Store, Silhouette library, not in library, downloading pending orders

So now you want to know how to register your machine. All you have to do to register a Silhouette machine is fill out this online registration form.

Now if you lose Silhouette Store designs that you have previously downloaded into your library you can recover them. But that's worth another tutorial because it's slightly more involved. Be on the look out for that on the blog soon.

So to recap, if you have failed to register your machine, you can download designs from the Silhouette Design Store, but they won't automatically install in your library...but they're not lost forever and you don't have re-purchase the designs, you just need to register your Silhouette.

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  1. Hello Melissa, I was really excited when I read this post a couple weeks ago but then I got sick for a few days and forgot about it. Well yesterday I bought a lot of files from Silhouette Online Store because I had a monthly subscription that was expiring last night. I also checked to make sure I had registered my machine...and it verified that I did. Just a few minutes ago I opened the Silhouette program excited because I was expecting to see my downloads to start automatically. Well, it didn't happen like you described...nothing automatically downloaded until I went under "File" and looked under "Download Pending Orders" I'm not exactly sure why my files didn't download right away.

    Any thoughts what I could do to make my files download to the Silhouette program right away like yours do?

  2. I have the same problem. My machine has been registered but the files I downloaded were not automatically added to my library. I could find them if I clicked on Download Pending Orders but then ALL of the orders I have ever downloaded showed up in that list as well. That leads me to believe that if I click on Start Download I'm going to end up with duplicates in my library and I don't want that. Any solution for this?

  3. UPDATE on my previous comment....I clicked on start download for my pending orders and it only downloaded the ones that had not previously been downloaded to my library, therefore, no duplicates (even though they showed up in the list) :-)

  4. Even if your machine is registered and you have selected to check for orders each time you open Silhouette Studio, all of your designs might not be visible - I like to search for designs in the store before I decide what to use... the search is more powerful than the library and I like that you can view the design larger.... Sometimes I don't see the design in the library - even though it says that I own it.... in that case - you need to reindex the library. Go to the edit menu, Preferences, Reindex Library. The design so far has always been available after that!

  5. I just got a Cameo and installed the software on my PC and on my laptop, too. The designs that came with the machine are only showing up on the first installation on my PC. How do I get them onto my laptop? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  6. Under file on my cameo it doesn't list DOWNLOAD PENDING ORDERS....arghh. Can anyone help?

    1. Did u ever figure this out?? Bc since the cloud update, it does NOT give us that option! Please any help would be appreciated

  7. Download pending orders is not there anymore. Help!

  8. I can't find it either! Obviously she doesn't answer to comments, so I guess I'll try to call in on Monday. Grrrrrrr!!!

  9. I don't have download pending order either, and I can't find my purchased items!!!!

  10. Have just bought a cameo sillouhette. Have registered the machine successfully. Bought six files from the online sillouhette store. The files are not in my library. What do I do.

  11. Did anyone ever get a resolution to this issue? I, too, am having the same issue. Registered machine, purchased files, nothing on my library.

  12. I was having the same problem but it worked once I signed up for the Cloud Library.

  13. Oh my gosh, I just bought my Silhouette yesterday and for the life of me, could not figure out how to connect it to my network to see my purchases (the online registration form wasn't working when I first installed), so I tried your link and it WORKED! I was about to throw this thing at a wall haha thank you!

  14. Just like the comment above, if you do not see a "Pending Order" under file. Close out the studio and reopen it. It will prompt you to sign in for the cloud. Do this. :) When you log in, it will sync your information. On the left side of the screen, you will see your email address with a green check mark. Under this you will see, "Library." Click this and it will expand. You will then see "Recent Downloads." They are there. :)

  15. I have followed all of the above suggestions, and still cannot find the items I recently purchased from the design store. In studio, there is an orange triangle with an exclamation point in the cloud icon even though I am signed in. How do I resolve this?


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