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How to Italicize Fonts in Silhouette Studio (that don't have an Italics option)

Silhouette Studio, italicize fonts, fonts, Silhouette tutorial
Am I the only one incredibly frustrated when the little italics icon is grayed out in Silhouette Studio? Such a tease! Well, guess what, my friends. I've figured out a work around for those stubborn fonts that just don't want to be italicized.

This little trick has also saved me money in that I often will not buy a full font family (such as the popular Samantha font) and instead will only get the upright version and do the italicizing myself.  Wait 'til you see how easy it is!

You'll notice that if you use your text tool and pick a default font like Times New Roman you get the bold, italics, and underline options. 

Silhouette Studio, italicize fonts, fonts, Silhouette tutorial, times new roman

BUT if you pick certain fonts (I'm thinking it's fonts not pre-loaded into the program but rather those you've downloaded and installed onto your computer and therefore into Studio), you only get the underline option and not bold or italics.

Silhouette Studio, italicize fonts, fonts, Silhouette tutorial

Well, well,'s a mighty goody thing we can put an offset around a font to bold it.

But to italicize a font without these font stylization options you'll need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. Chalk another one up to DE ... totally worth the one time $30-$40 fee! (Plus get all these other added options, too.)

What you're going to do is type out your text like your normally would.  Select the font and then pick the shear tool.  It's the little slanty looking tool along the top (circled bleow).

When you click on it, you'll get this window on the right.

Again, you won't have this option unless you have Silhouette Studio Designer I hope you asked Santa for it!

Silhouette Studio, italicize fonts, fonts, Silhouette tutorial, shear tool

Now you want to click on your text so you can use the shear tools.

You have a few options... you can grab the little slider bar (circled in green above) around the text box and drag it right or left until the text is italicized enough for your liking.


You can pick a pre-determined shear degree of 15 or 30.

You can also manually type in the degree you'd like your text to shear in the Custom Horizontal Shear box.

Silhouette Studio, italicize fonts, fonts, Silhouette tutorial, shear tool

That's all there is to it italicizing fonts in Silhouette Studio that don't have the italics option.

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  1. Can you underline words?

    1. Just draw a line with the line tool or draw a thin rectangle with the draw a rectangle tool

  2. Thank-you so much! I needed a slanted font for the IMPACT font, and this does the trick. So happy my son and DIL got me the DE last Xmas!

  3. wow -- that is fantastic -- I never knew how to use that option!

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