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Sketch Pen Fonts: The Best Thin Fonts for Silhouette

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette StudioFinally! Finally I have found what I consider to be the best thin sketch pen font. If you've been working Silhouette sketch pens for any length of time you know this isn't an easy feat. Even the thinnest fonts still result in an outline when sketched.  Of course you can fill text in with these four little tricks I shared on Silhouette School awhile back, but there's nothing like an ultra thin font that actually looks like handwriting! 
Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Moustache!  AND there's even better news!!! Mr. Moustache hit Mighty Deals just in time for Mo-Vember for just $9 for the entire family.  (Note: Silhouette users should purchase the Desktop version.)
Now allow me to show you how to use it. Unlike the beautiful Samantha font that has thousands of glyphs that can be accessed in Silhouette Studio through a Font Book work around, Mr. Moustache has tons of extras, but they're much more easily accessible since all variations and dingbats are given their own font name (each is highlighted below) and each is downloaded as a separate font.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, font book

See how the variations - text, dingbats, ornaments - are listed separately in my font book? They come in that way in Silhouette Studio, too! To access all the extra characters just click on the MrMoustache Accessories and you'll get the dingbats, frames, and ornament options on the right side. You will need to refer to the character map that comes with the font to know which design each character produces.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, text style
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Now that you know how easy it is to access the entire Mr. Moustache family you need to know how to make it pencil thin so you can sketch with it using your sketch pens.  This is the super duper easy part!

Type out your text.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, text style

If it's not already, from the text window (in blue along the top tool bar below), select Mr. Moustache to change the font type.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, Mr. Moustache

The font is already pretty thin, but if you zoom in really close you can see it will result in a small outline if sketched like this.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, Mr. Moustache font
Original font, not internal offset

What you want to do is select all of the text  and click the offset tool.

Then select 'Internal offset".  Now click the down button and watch the text closely.  You'll notice it starts to fill with red (as indicated by the green arrow).

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, Mr. Moustache font, internal offset

Keep going down...

When it fills in completely with red stop and hit 'apply'.  The red indicates the internal offset cut/sketch line.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, Mr. Moustache font, internal offset
Completely filled with internal offset as indicated by full red.
After you click 'apply' you can pull the offset away from the original text.  

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Silhouette Studio, Mr. Moustache font

Notice the difference, in the above screen shot, between the top offset and the bottom which is the original text?

Here's how the two sketch differently...
Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Mr. Moustache font

 ...and a closer look shows that the offset is almost a pencil thin single line!   The font size here is actually quite large which means if you were sketching in a smaller font size you would get an even thinner line and eliminate the small gaps at the hump of the h and B.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts, Mr. Moustache font

If you're looking for a thin script font to sketch with sketch pens, I recommend Scriptina. Getting a nice, even internal offset isn't quite as easy since the width of the letters isn't uniform throughout, but it's definitely possible with the internal offset, especially if you're sketching on the smaller side.

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts

Want more sketch pen tutorial? Check out Silhouette School's Sketch Pen Series! 

Silhouette sketch pens, thin fonts

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Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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  1. K, so I've followed all your instructions to get a really skinny font to emboss with and once I click internal offset nothing happens. It doesn't fill in and in fact, looks the exact same. I can't pull one from the other as there's nothing there. Help!

  2. Turns out it works only when I hit the little offset button in the bottom right hand corner. Yay!


  4. Hello, If I purchase a font from the silhouette design store will it fill in my font?


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