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Silhouette Instruction Manual & Studio Tool Descriptions

Silhouette, instruction manual, Silhouette Studio, tool descriptions
If you have a Silhouette you know that whether you have the Portrait or the Cameo the cutting machines don't come with much instruction.   So today we're going to be answering a reader's question that I'm sure many Silhouette users have had at one point or another. The question comes from Joann...
"Do you know of any glossary available for Studio? ... Their icons don't feel user-friendly at all. When I do find the one I think I need, I would like to know its purpose and limitations. (I figured out "erase" but it took forever to be able to turn it off). (I expect there is a way to "nudge" a line - as into a curve. But I haven't found it). As for the "point edit tool, rounded rectangle, line tool, etc. - well just forget it.

Now that you have figured out just how lazy I must be, you understand I just want a "Quick Reference" or "Cheat Sheet". If you know of one, THANKS in advance." 
First off, can we all just agree that Joann is not alone.  There are a ton of buttons and the possibilities to create are nearly endless, but knowing how to create with all those options can seem confusing, overwhelming. and intimidating.

Silhouette, instruction manual, Silhouette Studio, tool descriptions, icons

Silhouette, instruction manual, Silhouette Studio, tool descriptions, icons

Silhouette, instruction manual, Silhouette Studio, tool descriptions, icons

I've heard from many of you that you have a Silhouette, but you haven't even taken it out of the box yet because learning it seems overwhelming.  I'm here to tell you to get it out of the box and starting cutting!!! You won't learn anything if you're not trying.  I've found a lot of Silhouette is trial and error.  There are also a lot of YouTube tutorial to help you along the way - and, of course, we're always here to answer questions, too.  

But the really good news is...there is actually a Silhouette Studio manual which describes all those Silhouette Studio icons!  The 46 page details instruction manual does not come with the Silhouette machines, but it is available and free to either read or print from your computer.

Silhouette, instruction manual, Silhouette Studio, tool descriptions

What I like about the manual is it not only describes, in detail, the function of each button, it also gives a pictorial description to show what each button does.  I'm more of a visual person so seeing the difference between the 'release compound path' and 'make compound path', as opposed to just reading about it is very helpful.

If you have a specific question about an icon in Silhouette Studio I suggest reference the glossary in the instruction manual and then get cutting!

Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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