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Win Silhouette U for a Year!

Silhouette School is expanding...opening up Silhouette U on October 4!!!  I haven't been as excited or as nervous to launch a new service or product since I put out my first book, The Ultimate Silhouette Guide.

Silhouette School membership site, Silhouette U, Silhouette cameo video tutorials, silhouette video classes

To celebrate the upcoming opening of our new membership site - we gave away a free year long subscription to Silhouette U - valued at more than $100!  Here's the lucky winner....

Now if you didn't win...don't worry you can still join us at Silhouette U. I know you're dying to know "So what's this Silhouette U all about anyway?"  Silhouette U is Silhouette School's new exclusive membership site offering premium content to members.

Silhouette U opens for enrollment on October 4 and will offer:

Silhouette School membership site, Silhouette U, Silhouette cameo video tutorials, silhouette video classes, ads free, giveaways, silhouette help, silhouette tutoring you want to take a quick tour around campus? This is the first time anyone has seen the new site? Eeekk...

Silhouette U sneak peek, map, silhouette u members, benefits, silhouette u, silhouette school
Not clickable yet...but I will be on Silhouette U!

This is what members will see when they first sign in....

silhouette u, silhouette video tutorials, silhouette school ebook, silhouette tracing tutorial, help

As you can see the Events calendar is already stacked...and the best part about it is each week the live chat help (aka Melissa's Office Hours) will be scheduled at a different time to accommodate those on various schedules and in different time zones (including evening times). The same goes for Live Q and A...can't guarantee on how put together I'll look at 9pm though :). 

Silhouette help, one on one silhouette tutoring, silhouette tutor, silhouette teacher, silhouette school, silhouette u

Will Silhouette School still be Silhouette School?

YES!! Most definitely! Without a doubt! Silhouette School Blog isn't going anywhere and that part of our business will ALWAYS remain free!

Silhouette School INC (yup, we fancy) is just growing! I will continue to share new Silhouette tutorials on the blog daily and the Silhouette School Facebook page will also remain exactly the same with several weekly Facebook Lives.

When Can I join Silhouette U? 

Silhouette U is opening for enrollment on Tuesday October 4! If you want to make sure you don't miss it, the best thing to do is sign up to join the email list to be notified when we launch!

How do Silhouette Video Tutorials Work on Silhouette U?

We have created three categories of videos based on user skill level and experience: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  We are launching Silhouette U with 14 video tutorials all between 5 and 9 minutes long and on a wide range of topics including: Pixscan, Cameo 3, Knockout Designs, Using the Layers Tool/Pane in Silhouette Studio,  Adding Descriptions and Notes to your Silhouette Studio designs and more!  Each month, new videos will be added to each category.

All Silhouette U members will be able to access all of the videos all of the time by streaming.

Is Silhouette U Mobile-Device Friendly?

Yes! You can access the entire Silhouette U website - including streaming all of the videos - on your mobile devices (ipads and phones). We'll even show you how to make an app-like icon on your device's home screen so you can simply tap it and go directly to Silhouette U!

If I'm not a Silhouette U Member Can I Buy the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Tracing ebook?

Sorry...nope! The special edition Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Tracing is a 24 page ebook exclusively available to Silhouette U members. It won't be offered for sale anywhere at anytime...the same goes for each new Silhouette U ebook that is released annually.

Each members-only special edition Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook will be available for one year. When the new special edition ebook is released annually, the previous ebook will be retired. Forever.

What types of giveaways will you be having every month? 

Prizes will vary from free commercial use design files to larger ticket items like heat presses (which we have three to give away over the next few months beginning in October).  Giveaways will be open for entries the entire month.

Can those living outside the US join Silhouette U?

YES! AND everyone can participate in every.single.giveaway!  Typically sponsors will restrict prizes to US only due to shipping and customs, but we - as in Bob and myself - are personally picking up the international shipping tab just so our international friends can fully participate in all the benefits of Silhouette U!

What payment types are accepted?

Silhouette U members will be able to pay for their membership via Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card.

What is the price to join Silhouette U?

pricing silhouette u, silhouette u membership, silhouette u plans, silhouette help, silhouette school

Alright now that you know how awesome this is going to be, it's time to try to win a year long membership to Silhouette U!!!  The ONLY thing you have to do to enter is sign up to join the Silhouette U email newsletter! Easy peesy!  (PS if you've already subscribed just enter your email address where it says "Collect info from visitors to verify this entry".)

Please, please, please make sure you confirm your subscription through the confirmation email you get otherwise it won't show that you've joined and we don't want that!