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Silhouette School Vinyl & HTV Starter Packs Now Available from Expressions Vinyl (& Giveaway)

It’s hard to top last week's announcement of the All Things Silhouette Conference, where I’ll be the keynote speaker, but I think today’s news is equally as exciting.   It’s no secret that I love Expressions Vinyl as a crafter, blogger, and customer. Their top notch customer service, extensive vinyl selection, and fast shipping are just a few of the reasons why I not only recommend them constantly to all of you - but purchase from them myself when I am in need of vinyl! (Yes, much to my husband's eye rolls, I continue to buy more vinyl.)

Expressions Vinyl, Silhouette School, vinyl, HTV, starter packs

Today I’m excited to announce, that with YOU in mind, Expressions Vinyl and Silhouette School are forming a unique relationship.  Expressions Vinyl will now be offering Silhouette School-branded vinyl and heat transfer vinyl packs.  Click here and look for the "Silhouette School" tab along the left side of

Each pack is valued between $25 and $30 and comes with everything Silhouette users - especially those who are new to vinyl or HTV - need to get started.

AND even better news - we're giving away one pack of each to two lucky winners! YOu can enter for a chance to win below! 

I get questions almost daily from Silhouette users who want to try out vinyl or heat transfer vinyl for the first time, but they’re not sure where to start. Now, I’m thrilled to point you to these packs as a one stop shop.

First - the Silhouette School Adhesive Vinyl Starter Pack....

Expressions Vinyl, Silhouette School, vinyl, starter packs

And here's a look at what's included in the Silhouette School Heat Transfer Vinyl Start Pack.

Expressions Vinyl, Silhouette School, HTV, starter packs

Designed to give users a little bit of everything to get started, these packs let crafters try out a wide selection of vinyl and/or htv so they can experiment with all the different types of vinyl and figure out what they like best as they get to know their machine and dapple in the vinyl world. 

While the Silhouette School vinyl and HTV packs are awesome for newbies, I’ve worked closely with Expressions Vinyl to carefully pick colors, vinyl types, and even a tool that are also attractive and useful for experienced users, as well.

Black and white vinyl and HTV are the most popular so we’ve included them because they’re always useful and in demand. The glitter gold is my personal favorite and I want you all to experience its amazing glittery quality, too.  These strategic color choices are ideal for experienced vinyl and htv users who want to branch out and try other types of vinyl - also included in the packs.

The Silhouette School newbie packs are on sale exclusively on the Expressions Vinyl website. In full disclosure, I am an Expressions Vinyl affiliate which means by clicking on the link and purchasing a pack I am given a small percentage of every sale.  As always, this is what funds Silhouette School blog so I can continue to purchase new products - like the upcoming Silhouette Curio and Mint - so that I can teach all of you how get the most of out of your machines and continue to inspire your creative spirits!

As always thank you for your continued support of Silhouette School. You have made this community and blog what it is today in just 16 short months and as I’ve said before - and I’m sure I’ll say again - I can’t thank you enough!

Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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