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The Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook RELEASE!

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It's finally's finally here!!!  I am finally ready to share my third baby with you: "The Ultimate Silhouette Guide: Tutorials, Tips and Troubleshooting (to get the most out of your machine)".

For months and months and months I've been plugging away on the ebook, what you might consider the 'Silhouette CAMEO Dummies book' and I know so many have of you have waited so long for the ebook.  Shingles, wrist injuries, the blog, a growing Etsy business and everyday life as a work at home mom delayed the release by more than three months, but today I could not be more ecstatic to finally say it's officially on SALE!!! 

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The nine day pre-order period left me completely floored and humbled to say the least.  I have poured so much time, knowledge, and love into this book and for nearly 700 copies to sell on pre-order is so overwhelming it brought me to tears.  I cannot fully put into words how much your trust in me and loyalty to Silhouette School means.  It's truly overwhelming and I thank each and everyone of you who have ever read a tutorial, shared a post, tagged a friend and ordered The Ultimate Silhouette Guide from the bottom of my heart!!! 

If you are one of those who ordered (THANK YOU!!!), please check your email (and spam folders) for the digital download was sent out last night!

If you are still on the fence about the ebook, delivered as a digital download book in PDF format, here's a quick glance at what you're getting when you purchase:
  • You'll learn the ins and outs of Silhouette crafting from an expert user and the blogger behind one of the most successful Silhouette blogs on the web 
  • Four pages of detailed labels and descriptions of all tool bar buttons and icons in Silhouette Studio
  • Recommended supplies, tools and materials including the best places to purchase them
  • I’ll share a little known FREE commercial-use script monogram font that can be used for commercial use - a tip I’ve never revealed until now
  • An in depth section on the absolute best way to organize your Silhouette Studio library  using keywords, categories and folders
  • A glossary of Silhouette 'lingo' so you have a firm understanding of the terminology
  • A complete list of cut settings for 40+ different materials
  • Extensive troubleshooting section to get you back on track
  • An ad-free guide means 100% information on every single page.
  • Easily printable in full color or black and white (click here for a 25% off printing services coupon from Staples valid through 3/28)
  • Interactive table of contents which allows you to get where you want to go with just the click of the mouse
  • Comparison between the Silhouette America machines to help you decide which machine is best for you
  • Step by step unpacking, set up and what to know before making your first cut

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Head over to the official website for The Ultimate Silhouette School eBook for much, much more including another peek inside, FAQs and reviews from other crafty Silhouette bloggers!  

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