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Adding a Watermark to Silhouette Studio Mockups

Watermark, Silhouette Studio, mock-ups
If you use your Silhouette to create items that you sell, chances are you've needed to make a mockup for a client at one time or another.

It's best to add a watermark to mockups to protect yourself and your business - you don't want the client taking the design elsewhere to have it created or have a rough draft of a printable printed before fully paying (you are asking for at least a partial deposit up front, right?).
It takes just a few minutes to make the initial watermark, and after that you can save it to your Silhouette Studio library so it will be just a single click any time you want to add it.
*If you'd rather watch than read, following the written instructions, you'll find a Silhouette YouTube tutorial for adding a watermark. 
 Of course the first thing you need is a logo...and it needs to be in Silhouette Studio. There are two ways to go about this:
  1. Design the logo in Silhouette Studio
  2. Import the logo to Silhouette Studio and trace it
 If you don't have an official logo you can simply use the name of your business.  Instead of a design, you'd follow the same steps with text.

Watermark, Silhouette Studio, mock-ups

Once the logo design is in Silhouette Studio you want to change both the line color and the fill color to white.  Do this by selecting the design and then clicking on the Line Color tool > white.  Repeat with the Fill Color tool.
TIP: Move the logo to the gray area of the work area so you can actually see what you're doing..the white background of the virtual mat will make it difficult to see what you're doing.
Watermark, Silhouette Studio, mock-ups, line color tool

Now select the design again and go back to the Fill Color tool.  This time click Advanced Options.

Slide the transparency bar over to the right.  Usually between 70-80% works well.

Watermark, Silhouette Studio, mock-ups, transparency bar

Repeat with the Line tool to change the line transparency to the same percentage.

Now open up the design in which you want to add the watermark.   If the watermark is "behind" the design, click the watermark > right click > bring to front.

Watermark, Silhouette Studio, mock-ups, bring to front

And there you have it! You've added a watermark to your Silhouette Studio designs.  To send as a mock up you can export as a PDF or use the Grab tool on a MAC or Snip It tool on Windows.

Watermark, Silhouette Studio, mock-ups

The final step would be to save the watermark to your Silhouette Studio library so you can access it anytime you need to add a watermark to a design.

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