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Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Thankful for YOU!

Silhouette School Blog, Happy Thanksgiving
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On this Thanksgiving day, I am not sharing a regular Silhouette lesson. I'm not sharing a tip or trick or hack or workaround. I'm sharing my heartfelt thanks.

I have tears in my eyes as I share just how thankful I am at what you all have made Silhouette School. Do you know that Silhouette School is read by 'students' on 6 continents and EVERY single state in the country? Do you know that in less than a year's time we have been visited by more than 1.25 MILLION readers. Do you know that our social media sites grow at a rate of 500 new friends a week...

I write the tutorials, but you do so much of the work. You have shared Silhouette School with your friends, with strangers, with strangers at the craft store who you've talked into buying a Silhouette (seriously!) , with those who need a tutorial or a little help because they're stuck. You've left links to tutorials all over the world wide web that you have found helpful and left me comments, emails and messages letting me know that all the work that goes on behind the scenes is worth it.

This started off as a little tiny that actually almost never was. I nearly launched a Dollar Store crafts blog instead....but at the last minute changed courses realizing, as I learned my Silhouette machine, there was a need for Silhouette tutorials that are easy to follow, easy to understand, easy to learn from and (I hope) fun to read.

I am so thankful that you all have pushed me to make this the best Silhouette learning site out there. Thank you for supporting the blog by trusting me, my recommendations and my tutorials.

I've said it a million times over, but I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart because our school is thriving and growing each and every day and so much of that is credited to you and you and you. This 'little' blog allows me the great joy and privilege to stay home with my young children as they grow and figure out the world before I send them off into the world...

I wish you nothing but the best this Thanksgiving Day. May you enjoy time with friends and family and loved ones and take some time to unplug....because for this one day I will NOT be posting on Facebook (with the exception of this one post). I will not be checking Facebook or answering emails.  Instead I will be counting my blessings - you among them - without any distractions.

Until tomorrow, when I'm back with another awesome tut...Happy Thanksgiving!

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