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Silhouette Loud: Should my machine be making all this noise?

Silhouette, loud, noise Is your Silhouette loud? Are you concerned it's too loud? You're not alone.  It's a question I have gotten repeatedly from readers concerned there's something wrong with their machine.  Mary Jo is among them.  She writes:

"My big question is this - is the machine supposed to be really noisy?  I've been noticing that it is..."

So here's the thing - the Silhouette is not a quiet machine.  My machine is what I would consider loud.  Do I think it's louder than the manufacturer-issued Silhouette User's Guide suggests? Probably.   Do I think they are downplaying the noise the machine makes? Yes.  Do I think there's reason to be concerned?  In most cases, no.
 The official line from Silhouette is this:  "Please note that the Silhouette is unfortunately not a whisper quiet unit. The sounds you are hearing are likely normal."

Abnormally loud noise coming from the Silhouette machine could likely be caused by the motor if the packing tape that was used to keep it in place during shipping was not properly or completely removed.  The manufacturer suggests making sure any tape that was connecting the motor to the side of the machine is completely removed. 
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