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Step By Step How to Connect and Sync Artspira App to Brother SE2000 for the First Time

In order to take full advantage of the Brother SE2000 sewing and embroidery machine you absolutely can not skip on using the Artspira app. It's literally a game changer and one of the reasons I'm so excited to upgrade from my SE600

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Syncing the Brother app with your SE2000 will allow you to wirelessly transfer designs with ease and speed. No more thumb drives!  Read on for how to do the initial SE2000 and Artspira App sync.

After unboxing the Brother SE2000 5x7 embroidery and sewing machine you'll want to register it on the Brother website. If you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one. 

Step 1: Register Your Brother SE2000

During the registration you'll be asked for the serial number which is found on the back of the machine. 

Step 2: Install the Brother Artspira App

After you've successfully registered and created your account, download and install the Artspira app onto your phone. This video tutorial will take you through that entire process step by step of setting up the Brother Artspira app. 

Step 3: Setup Wireless Network on Brother SE2000

Next, plug in and power on the Brother SE2000 and connect to your wireless network. This video will show you the full process for setting up the SE2000's WIFI connection

Once you've completed those three steps you're ready to connect the Artspira app to your Brother SE2000. 

I am going to warn you this is a little confusing because you will be going back and forth between the Artspira app and the SE2000's touch screen but don't worry I will walk you through! 

Connecting Brother SE2000 to Artspira App

Start by clicking the SE2000 touch screen and then click the wireless button at the bottom right.
Embroidery,artspira app,brother se2000,Brother SE600

On the top right of the touch screen should be a number out of 12.  This is like a page number for that setting. 

In this case you can see mine is showing I'm on page 11 out of 12 (11/12). To advance to the next page, click the right arrow button to get the page 12/12. 

This is the Artspira app settings page.

brother se2000,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

Now you'll get a to a new screen that's screen 1/4.  This screen has a QR code on it. You don't need to scan this code, but on your phone open the Artspira app. 

Embroidery,artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000

In the App click the little sewing machine icon at the top right of the app. This will open the Machine Settings. 

Embroidery,artspira app,embrilliance essentials

In the Artspira Machine Settings, under Embroidery Machines click "Register." 

Embroidery,artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000

On the next screen click the option for Wireless LAN Model. 

artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000,Brother SE600

Advance through the next few screens on the app until you get to this page where you have a field to enter a pin code. 
Embroidery,artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000
At this point return to the SE2000's touch screen.  You should still be on the 1/4 screen with the QR code. 

Instead of scanning the code, click the right arrow button to advance to screen 3/4 where you will find a unique 11 digital number.  That number should be entered into the Artspira app on the current page you're sitting on. 

Embroidery,artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

Type in the complete 11 digit number and click "Next." 

,brother se2000,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

On the next screen in the app you will get a different 4 digit pin code.  

Embroidery,artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

Stay on that screen with the code while you return to the SE2000's touch screen. 

Use the right arrow again to advance to screen 4/4 which will literally just be telling you that on the next screen you'll be inputting the 4 digit code from the app. 

Embroidery,artspira app,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

Click Next to get to the screen with a pin pad where you can type in the 4 digit pin code from the app.

Sewing,brother se2000,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

Wait for the processing to complete on the SE2000 and then refresh the Artspira app. 

Return to the machine settings and now you should see your machine listed under Embroidery Machines with a status of "Ready to Transfer."

Embroidery,artspira app,embrilliance essentials

If you ever need to generate a new pin code again for your machine you can click the small arrow to the right of your machine name to see the current code (it updates every few minutes).

Embroidery,artspira app,Sewing,brother se2000,Brother SE600,embrilliance essentials

This completes the sync and you should now be able to successfully transfer designs from the app wirelessly to the Brother SE2000.

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