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How to Send Files from Mac Directly to Roland Versaworks (BN, BN2, BY-20)

Did you know you can easily send print and cut ready files directly from your MAC to Roland Versaworks - the PC only RIP that runs the Roland printers including the BN2, BN-20A and BY-20. 

This is literally a game changer for Mac users who are not comfortable or proficient on a PC but struggle through for the sake of using the 20" print and cut combo machine.

Roland,business,roland by-20,roland bn2,roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,

The key is using Google Drive for Desktop in combination with Veraworks print queue hot folders. 

This takes a few steps to get set up initially, but once you do it it's a total game changer for MAC users who are constantly transferring files back and forth.  Read on for the step by step. 

Setting Up Google Drive and New Folder

First thing you want to do is make sure you have a Google Drive account. If you don't, it's free to sign up for one by going to this website

In your Google Drive to go New > New Folder to  create a new folder. 

Roland,business,roland by-20,google drive

Name the folder. I am going to name my folder "Roland HTV Files". I'll eventually put all HTV files that I'm going to print and cut on my Roland BN-20A and BN2 into this folder.

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,

Installing Google Drive for Desktop on Mac

Now on your Mac, go to this website and download Google Drive for Desktop.

You'll go through a series of prompt to sync the online folders so they show on the desktop app and vice versa. 

Open Finder on our MAC and you'll now see a Google Drive folder among your other locations like Desktop / Downloads. 

Double Click the Google Drive folder icon and then click My Drive. 

Roland,business,roland by-20,google drive, mac

You'll see all of your Google Drive folders there in the My Drive folder.  Find the folder you just created (Roland HTV Files). If you sort by date, it should be right near the top. 

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,

Drag and drop that G Drive folder to your list of Finder shortcuts. 

Roland,business,roland by-20,

Since this is a shortcut to a G Drive folder, anything you drag and drop to into this folder will automatically be accessible on your web based G Drive as well as G Drive for Desktop.  It's super convenient...but it gets better because you can do the same thing on your PC and you see where I'm going with this...

Installing Google Drive for Desktop on PC

Move to your PC where Roland Versaworks is and again install Google Drive for Desktop. You'll go through the same process to sync the online folders. 

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,

A G Drive shortcut will be placed on the PC's desktop.  

Roland,business,roland by-20,roland bn2,

If you click it, you'll find access to "My Drive". If you click that you'll access all of your G Drive folders - including the one you previously created (Roland HTV Files).

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,

Now we're ready to use that folder as a hot folder. 

Using Hot Folders in Roland Versaworks

What is a Hot Folder? 

Hot folders are folders that automatically sync with a queue so anything IN that folder is automatically uploaded into the queue (and removed from the folder). 

This means if you set the G Drive folder as a hot folder you can simply put the files into the folder on your MAC and they will open in Versaworks on your PC.  Magic! 

How to Set Up Hot Folders in Roland Veraworks Queues

Launch Roland Versaworks and select the printer you are working with. 

Focus on just one queue for that printer. In this example I'm going to make Queue B the HTV queue (we'll set up automatic queue settings for HTV in another tutorial). 

To set which folder is the hot folder, click the gear on the queue tab. 

Roland,business,roland by-20,versaworks,roland bn2-20a,

In the window that opens click the tab for "Job Management".  There's a dropdown menu at the top where you will see a folder name.  

Click the three dots to the right of the dropdown.

roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,versaworks

Navigate to the G Drive Folder by going to Google Drive > My Drive > Roland HTV Files. 

Roland,business,roland by-20,roland bn2,

Click "Ok" to save the changes. 

roland bn2,roland bn2-20,roland bn2-20a,

To test that files for your Mac will go directly into your Roland Versaworks Queue on your PC, return to your Mac. Drag and drop a PDF file into the Roland HTV Files folder that's on your Finder shortcuts on your MAC. 

Roland,business,roland by-20,roland bn2-20a,

Now just wait a few minutes and the file will automatically show up in that Versaworks queue on your PC. 

Thank you Google Drive!!! 

Roland,business,roland by-20

Keep in mind, when the file dumps into the queue, the file is going to be removed from the folder. It is NOT copied into the queue, it's totally moved so it will no longer show in the folder. 

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