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How to Fix Epson F570 Print Manager When Color Profiles Are Missing

If the sublimation color profiles for your Epson F570 sublimation printer seem to have gone missing...fear not. 

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This can sometimes happen if you change computers or your operating system updates. Read on for how to install the F570 sublimation printer color profiles 

I went to print on my 24" Epson F570 recently and realized the default profiles for textiles and rigid items were missing.  I'm pretty sure they disappeared after I updated to the new Sonoma operating system on my Mac. 

Regardless, the fix is easy although it is a few steps. 

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You'll need to re-install the F570 drivers to get the color profiles back.  You can download and install the drivers and utility from the Epson website

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Make sure you select the correct operating system then expand the downloads to make your choice.

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Double click on the .dmg file that downloaded to launch the installation. 

epson sublimation,epson,epson f570,drivers,sublimation,

Click Continue and then follow the on screen prompts.

epson,epson f570,drivers,sublimation,

I unchecked the box for the guides, but it's up to you if you want to install them.

I also don't think you need the configuration utility but I downloaded it just in case. 

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Once you get all the way through it's going to start asking you about charging the ink. You can dump out of the setup at this point since your Epson sublimation printer is already set up. 

Now relaunch the Epson print manager from whatever program you are using (I usually print from Silhouette Studio), and you should see the color profiles once again as an option. 

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Interested in an overview of the new Epson F570 Print Manager? Check out the video on Silhouette U.

epson sublimation,epson,epson f570,drivers,sublimation,

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