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Sawgrass Software and Firmware Update 2024: What to Know BEFORE You Update

The next time you open Sawgrass Print Manager or Sawgrass Print Mate you may be prompted to update to the newest version of the software and/or firmware. 

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While these updates include several new features and bug fixes, they also include an undisclosed change that's leaving a lot - but not all - Sawgrass sublimation printer users with a big surprise.

Sawgrass Software Update in Print Manager

When you launch Sawgrass Print Manager, you'll most likely get a small pop up window pushing the new Sawgrass update.  You can close this window, but until you install the update, you can not actually get to the Print Manager.   

sawgrass print manager, Sublimation Printing

Print Mate displays the software update a little differently so read on.

Sawgrass. sawgrass sg1000

The only information here on the update is that it includes "Performance Enhancements".  Clicking the "More Info" link will send you to the general Sawgrass website where there is no obvious information. 

Poking around on the site, I did find on the "What's New" page what Sawgrass confirmed to be the release notes for the Version 2024.0.0 software update. 

The Performance Enhancements included in the update (which is a two-part software and firmware update) includes: 
  • Quickly reprint previously printed jobs.
  • Job Menu with Keyboard Shortcuts to quickly perform the most common tasks.
  • Help menu now includes some useful guides.
There are also a handful of bug fixes mostly around things taking too long to load and other software type hangups. 

Sawgrass,sublimation mugs,sawgrass print manager,sawgrass print mate,sawgrass sg500

Undisclosed Change with Sawgrass Software and Firmware Update

One thing that's not listed anywhere in the release notes - is a change that many Sawgrass users are picking up on immediately: Sawgrass inks are required to continue printing following the software and firmware update.  

In other words, if you have been using less expensive off-brand sublimation ink in your Sawgrass printer, you will now need to switch.

Before I go any further I want to note that I use and have only ever used genuine Sawgrass Ink in my Sawgrass printers...some of the images you see below are from another Sawgrass SG1000 user who so graciously worked with me to show you what you may experience if you DO NOT use Sawgrass inks.

How to Update Your Sawgrass Software

For that reason, before you begin the update by clicking "Update" on the Print Manager pop up window, you want to be sure you are using Sawgrass ink or at least have a set of Sawgrass ink on hand.

Following the software update you'll also be prompted to do update your firmware from 3.05 to 3.06 on the Sawgrass printer.  

Sawgrass,sawgrass sg1000. sawgrass sg500

Firmware is basically the printer's internal software that allows it to communicate and operate alongside the software that's running it. 

NOTE: If you get an error that the Firmware update has not been successful, turn off your printer and unplug it then power back on. 

Sawgrass,sawgrass sg1000,sawgrass sg500

Sawgrass,sawgrass sg1000,sawgrass print manager,sawgrass print mate,sawgrass sg500

When the firmware update is successful, if you are not using Sawgrass ink, the printer may display a warning that your inks are not genuine Sawgrass inks. 

Sawgrass,Sublimation Printing,sublimation

You can either replace the inks and click "Replace" or click Continue. If you click Continue without replacing the inks with Sawgrass inks you will get another warning.  

Sawgrass,sawgrass sg1000,Sublimation Printing,sublimation

You can click Continue again and attempt to keep printing but you may experience poor print quality or watermarks / hashes through your prints.  

This is the case regardless of if you are in or outside of the 2 year warranty period.  For this reason it's a good idea to make sure you have a set of Sawgrass inks on hand before you install the updates. 

This error can be resolved by switching to a set of Sawgrass sublimation inks. 

I asked Sawgrass about the software and firmware updates and why the release notes do not at least warn users of this change for ink use. Their response, in full, is:  

"Firmware updates occur on a regular basis to address security patches etc. to comply with Microsoft/Apple operating system updates that affect the printer operations. These updates enhance the Sawgrass user experience. Release notes are typically reserved for feature/benefit enhancements to the Sawgrass Exchange, in this case PrintMate, which are user facing changes."

Delaying the Sawgrass Software and Firmware Update

So can you just avoid the Sawgrass software and firmware updates? Unfortunately, with Sawgrass Print Manager it does not appear so. The pop up window with the info on the update can be closed, but until you install the update you will not be able to get back into Sawgrass Print Manager. 

However, if you have previously installed Sawgrass Print Mate v 2023.5.5 and use that instead of Print Manager you will also get prompted to install the Sawgrass Software update there. Going this route though does give you the option to "Update Later."  This will at least give you some time to get Sawgrass inks if you're not using them currently.

Sawgrass, sawgrass print mate, sawgrass sg500,Sublimation Printing,sublimation

I tried to take this Update Later option, but was unable to even send anything to print on my SG1000 until I updated the software and firmware through Print Mate.  

sawgrass sg1000,sawgrass print manager,sawgrass print mate

Once I did that I was able to print perfectly fine.

So be aware, if you are currently NOT using Sawgrass ink, you will need to switch to Sawgrass ink after the update in order to keep printing on your Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 sublimation printer so be sure you have some on hand. 

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