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How to Do Full Wrap Sublimation Mugs with Cricut Mug Press In Just Six Minutes

You can do full wrap sublimation mugs with the Cricut Mug Press..and they're ready in just six minutes! 

cricut mug press, sublimation on mugs

This is an easy beginner sublimation tutorial thanks to the pretty fail-proof Cricut Mug Press. Read on for how to do a full wrap sublimation mug in just 6 minutes! 

For this mug we're going to use a sublimation template wrap from So Fontsy

sublimation mug wraps, sofontsy mug designs, sublimation mug designs

It's already perfectly sized so after downloading and unzipping the file you can just open the image preview and go to File > Print or pull the image into your print manager and print from there. 

sublimation printing, epson printer for sublimation

After the mug wrap is printed on sublimation paper trim off any extra white space around it using a paper trimmer or scissors. 

sublimation mug design, cricut mug press

I like to use a paper trimmer because the edge is perfectly straight. 

Sublimation, sublimation mug design

Wrap the mug template around the sublimation mug and hold firmly while you place a piece or two of high temperature tape on the edges closest to the handle.  The area under the handle will not be sublimated when using the Cricut Mug Press

sublimation mug, cricut mug press

Make sure your Cricut Mug Press is warmed up and ready to go.  Having the third or middle light illuminated is considered the "normal" setting for sublimation. 

If you need help setting up the Cricut Mug Press for the first time, you can follow this step by step tutorial.

Slide the mug down into the press and then press down the handle completely so the press creates a firm pressure around the mug. 

The are no time settings on the Cricut Mug Press but it will take about 6 minutes to sublimate a mug. 
The line of lights on the top of the mug press will show you the progress it's making. When all of the lights are on it's finished baking! 

Cricut mug press, sublimation mug

To remove the mug, lift the handle back up and carefully use the handle on the mug to slide the mug up and out. The mug is going to be VERY hot so wear gloves and use a tool to carefully remove the sublimation wrap. 

sublimation on mugs, sublimation printing

Like the look for full wrap sublimation mugs? This wrap and 105 other wrap templates for glass cans, tumblers, and more are included in So Fontsy's Sublimation Wrap bundle!  Grab it while you can.

Sofontsy tumbler designs, Sofontsy sublimation mugs

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