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Silhouette Curio vs Curio 2: Side By Side Feature and Process Comparison

With the release of the second generation Curio, let's take a look at the Silhouette Curio 2 vs Curio 1. 

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The two machines look very different, but what about the "guts" of the machine and the features and capabilities? Even the Curio 2 dimensions are drastically different than the original Curio.  If you haven't yet read all the details on the Silhouette Curio 2, you can find them in this post. 

Read on for a direct side by side feature comparison of the Curio 1 and 2
The long awaited Silhouette Curio 2 is finally here and it's impossible not to notice how different the flat bed style machine looks compared to the Curio 1. You can get an overview in my First Look at the Curio 2 video.

Now that Curio 2 has been released and is shipping to users, it's a good time to look at a direct comparison of the features, dimensions, specs, and tool compatibility between the two machines. 

I put together this side by side comparison of the Curio 1 vs Curio 2 so you could easily compare the two models. 

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You'll notice huge differences in the footprint and weights of the each machine. 

You'll also notice the drastic increase in material clearance. The Curio 2 can accommodate materials 4x thicker than the CURIO 1 and nearly 7x thicker than the CAMEO 4 or 5.  

The items included in the box are also worth pointing out as a big change. The compatible tools and other advanced technologies, like the ES base, that the CURIO 2 can take advantage of are also among the most significant changes. 

Along with the differences in the specs and look of the two Curios, they each have different capabilities. There are some overlaps, but there are also some processes that were added and others taken away with the new Curio 2.  All of these are based on the tools the Curio 2 can use. 

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