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Silhouette Curio 2: Everything to Know (And Is There More We Don't Know About Yet?)

The long anticipated Silhouette Curio 2 is just weeks away...and is among the new 2023 Silhouette machines!

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The second generation Silhouette Curio is one of four new cutting machines Silhouette announced for release in 2023. You can find all the details on the CAMEO 5 and CAMEO 5 Plus, including pricing, release date, and a features list here. If you’re interested in what the Curio 2 features are, when it will be available and on! 

If you're looking for a complete Silhouette Curio 2 unboxing and set up, you can find that here.
Before we get to the details on the Silhouette Curio, it’s important to understand three new technologies Silhouette also rolled out at the same time as the new machines and power tools. All three technologies are incorporated into the Curio 2 (and CAMEO 5 and Portrait 4) and give it the added capabilities.

Silhouette New Architecture (SNA)

This is Silhouette's take on re-design and re-engineering the new generation of cutting machines and it allows for quieter operation, faster speeds, more precision.

Electrostatic "ES" Technology 

This patented technology uses an Electrostatic base that is powered by the cutting machine itself to generate static electricity to hold delicate materials like paper in place while cutting. This avoids the need to use a sticky mat that can cause curling or tearing on delicate materials.

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Intelligent Path Technology (IPT)

This is an optional setting in the Silhouette Studio software that will have the software optimize the cutting sequence for cutting paths in an effort to get the best quality and precise cut. It's a difficult concept to explain without a demonstration which I will greatly expand on in another blog post or video. In theory the concept seems good, however I can see a few downsides including what I suspect could be greatly increased cutting times.

NOTE: Silhouette kept a tight lid on this release and unlike any other launch in the last 8 years I've shared on Silhouette School, I did not receive a Curio 2 machine to test, try out, or form an opinion on ahead of the right now I can't tell you anything more than the "on paper" details and what I've witnessed at the Silhouette Summit.  

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What is the Silhouette Curio 2?

The Curio 2 is a 12x12” flatbed cutting and engraving machine.  The CURIO 2 price starts at $429.99.

With its stationary media bed and module that Silhouette says provides ultimate cutting precision, it looks more like a laser than a cutting machine. To be clear, there is not a laser on the Curio 2 - it’s a dual tool cutting and engraving/embossing machine.

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Because the low profile and flat base of the machine does not move, you do not need to take into account clearance behind the machine, which means it can basically sit up against a wall.

The Curio 2 no longer has a stacking platform system to account for varying material thicknesses. Instead, it includes automatic thickness detection and the tool carriage adjusts its height or position relative to the material on the base, instead of the height adjustment being made from the combination of stacked platform like in the original Curio.

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The 20mm clearance is enough that you could put a small piece of wood, a book or journal, acrylic, or canvas on the bed. 

The machine can not cut these materials, but the various tools (more on them in a minute) can be used to sketch, emboss, engrave or foil on their surface.

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What is the ElectroStatic Base for the Curio 2?

Another big change is the ability for the Curio 2 to use the new ElectroStatic Base, or “ES”. In fact the ES base is included with the Curio 2. 

The 12” x 12” ES base is an alternative to the sticky cutting mat (which is also included) and is meant to be used with thin, delicate, and paper-based materials that risk tearing or curling if used on a traditional cutting mat. The electrostatic base is powered by the Curio 2 machine itself and when powered on creates a static field to keep the material in place during cutting/engraving/embossing etc.

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Because the new Curio 2 can take advantage of the new IPT technology which optimizes the sequence and direction of cut lines, when used in combination with the ES base, the Curio 2 can cut multiple stacked sheets of materials at a time. 

For example, Silhouette says you can stack several pieces of delicate tissue paper together, tape them all down to the ES mat (since only the bottom layer is really being static clung to the base), and then cut through all layers simultaneously. In theory this would be helpful if you need to make a lot of copies of the same design, such flower petals for paper flowers.

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The demos I saw on this multi-layering cutting process with IPT enabled on the ES mat, left me with more questions than answers and I’m not fully convinced this is a good idea or effective. Once I get a Curio 2 machine I will test it myself and then decide if this is a feature to brag about or just a bullet point on the list of new Curio 2 features.

New Power Tool Carriage 2

The Curio has always been the most niche Silhouette machine ideal for working with thicker materials. 

The Curio 2 now has 20 mm of clearance and is compatible with even more speciality tools making it more versatile than ever before. It’s backwards compatible with all CAMEO 4 tools (although not the Curio 1 tools), but all five of the new Silhouette power tools can also be used. The new cordless power tools require power from the right tool carriage (Carriage 2) which is new in the Curio 2. 

The Silhouette Power Tools are:
The Tool 2 sketch Pen adapter mean a sketch pen can go in either or both carriages - keeping the ability to sketch and cut or sketch with multiple colors without having to swap out the Tool 1 tool.

Tool 2 Sketch Pen Adapter

You can learn more about the new Silhouette power tools in this video or this blog post. All are compatible with the Curio 2 and some will also work with the CAMEO 5, CAMEO 5 Plus, and Portrait.

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Just as a side note - I curiously spotted what looks to be another tool power option on the side of the Curio 2’s tool module where it appears a USB-C cord could connect and some type of tool or module could be attached.

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I don’t think I was supposed to see this … and as of now Silhouette will only say it’s for "future enhancements". One possibility is it’s a spot for a scanner, laser or camera for positioning…so we’ll see!

What’s in the Curio 2 Box?

None of the Silhouette power tools are included in the box with the Curio 2, however the new Electrostatic Base, or “ES” is along with a power cord, CAMEO 4 style auto blade for tool 1, 12x12 sticky mat and debris tray. 

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A USB cord is no longer included with the Bluetooth-enabled Curio 2 although you can use a USB connection if you have a spare one (and who doesn’t at this point..)

Silhouette Curio 2 Specs

If you're looking for the nitty gritty Silhouette CURIO 2 specs like the machine dimensions or weight, this spec chart should help. 

Silhouette Curio 2 specs and dimensions

When is the CURIO 2 Release Date?

There are a very, very limited supply of Silhouette Curio 2 machines available now

I will caution you though: the only things we know about the Curio 2 right now are what Silhouette is telling us it can do.  It did not go through the usual Silhouette beta testing by people like myself who often get machines to test and provide feedback on ahead of the release.

Judging by some of the demos I saw first hand at the Silhouette Summit, there are some bugs to be worked out.  Three different demos had trouble with the auto height detection, failure to completely cut the path when using IPT, and paper jams when cutting stacked materials. This leads me to believe it likely wasn't user errors since it was three different people demoing on three different Curio machines. 

In other words, the Curio 2 is still extremely new so you may want to wait a bit to order or pre-order. You'll definitely want to make sure retailer is knowledgeable and can provide you with same-day or next day support. 

I will of course provide my honest review and opinion on the Curio 2 now that I bought one as soon as I get one of the new Silhouette machines. You can sign up to get my reviews, updates, and stock alerts below. 

Want to See the Curio 2 in Action?

Check out this Curio 2 Video with more info and real time cutting and engraving. And you can see my full unboxing here.


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  1. I have always had a Cameo. It sounds like the Curio can do more. Is there anything that the Cameo can do that the Curio cannot? I don't want to switch to a different machine if I can't continue with the things I have been doing and then building on those.

    1. The Curio can only cut 12" while the CAMEO can cut up to 16 feet


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