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How to Accurately Measure Design or Text Size in Silhouette Studio

If the designs and text that you're cutting on your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait are not sized exactly as the dimensions that show in Silhouette Studio, there's a reason why. 

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This Silhouette Studio tutorial will explain where the discrepancy comes in and how to get a more accurate measurement for designs and text in the Silhouette software. 
Anytime a shape or text is selected in Silhouette Studio a bounding box is created around it. Both the height and width of the selection are displayed.  Sometimes, however, the dimensions aren't accurate due to blank space that won't actually be cut, but that is being added into the size of the design in the software. 

Let's take this font for example. You can see when I select the text there's a large space between the top of the letters and the top of the box. The reason is because there's at least one letter in this font that uses that space. The bounding box is accounting for that so it's telling me the text is 2.6" high x 6.89" long. But I can clearly see that's not right just by looking at the grid lines on the virtual cutting mat. 

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You could convert to path and that would bring the box in tighter to the actual text. Just keep in mind if you do that, that would also remove the font characteristics and you're then limited as to what more can be done with the text including changing the font style and font size. 

A better solution is not to convert to path to get the actual dimensions, but instead of use the Draw a Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle tight around the text. 

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This will tell you exactly how long the font is. Then if you want to scale it, scale it with the rectangle until it's the perfect size. Just remember to remove the rectangle before you cut. 

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  1. I’ve always wondered! That’s great to know! Would you do this if you have an imported image that’s clearly not the size of the box? I’ve printed some, and they didn’t print the size that was placed in the top sizing box.

    1. Yes! As long as you size your box correctly around what you need dimensions for it will give you accurate measurements.

  2. So simple for something that has driven me crazy. I had never thought of that. Thank you so much!

  3. I was struggling with this just yesterday. Thank you.

  4. What will happen if you leave the box around the text? Will it cut the box and the letters as well? I usually put a box around my designs to save vinyl.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Helen233, yes if you leave the box around the text, it will cut the box and the letters as well. For those not wanting the box to cut, you could change it to 'no cut' (and maybe change the line color as a reminder it won't cut)...then you could leave it grouped with the letters.


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