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ThermoFlex Puff HTV for Added Dimension (on Paper and Apparel)

Did you know you can add HTV to paper? I've shared this trick before, but now I'm going on step further with adding some dimension as well. 

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This is easy to do with Puff heat transfer vinyl..IF you know the trick. 

FashionFlex Puff HTV from Specialty Materials expands after it's pressed to give the 3D look. It's the heat and pressure that activates the Puff. 

ThermoFlex HTV, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, 3d htv

The full 320 degrees for 15 seconds makes this basketball jump off the burp cloth. Isn't that so cool?! 

ThermoFlex HTV, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, 3d htv

You'll notice though the puff effect means the designs balloons up a bit...which is what it's intended to do. BUT when you are cutting really small designs over-puff can result in a design that's not legible. There is a trick though...and that's to press quickly! The puff won't be as dramatic, but that's exactly what you want!  Just a slight puff :) 

I really put this FashionFlex Puff heat transfer vinyl to the test making some small wine bottle tags to see how small I could go with the Puff HTV while still making it legible. 

ThermoFlex Puff HTV, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, 3d htv

Look how small these letters are.  That's speaks volumes about how well this HTV (which is the sister to Thermoflex) cuts and weeds with the right cut settings! I found the best Silhouette cut settings for the FashionFlex Puff HTV are to start with the Heat Transfer, Smooth default settings and increase the blade depth to 2. 

The great thing about the FashionFlex Puff, aside from it coming in more than a dozen different colors, is the carrier sheet is not real sticky. This means you can reposition it very easily without tearing the paper and it won't curl the paper at all when you peel away the carrier sheet after pressing. 

ThermoFlex Puff HTV, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, cameo 4

Make sure your heat press is warmed up to 320 degrees. 

Now remember, the recommended pressing time is 15 seconds for this puff HTV. However, if you press for that long on a small design you may end up with a finished product that looks like this...

So instead, when you are pressing small detailed designs, reduce the pressing time down to about 5 seconds..and apply medium pressure. 

Quickly remove the carrier sheet when the time is up and you'll see the HTV has raised off the page!

ThermoFlex Puff HTV, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, cameo 4

I love how it just gives the paper tag that added dimension and is still totally legible. It almost has a flock feel. 

ThermoFlex Puff HTV, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, gift tags

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