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New Silhouette CAMEO 4 Tools Coming

Three new Silhouette CAMEO 4 tools are coming...along with the introduction of a new Silhouette tool naming and compatibility "system". 

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The new Silhouette tools are expected to be available later this year and will not only fit in the CAMEO 4, but also in the 15" Silhouette CAMEO Plus, CAMEO Pro, and Portrait 3. 

The three new tools are a 2mm Kraft Blade, a manually adjustable Ratchet Blade, and a Deep Cut Blade - all sized to fit in the Silhouette CAMEO 4 and Portrait 3 without an adapter.

Under the new tool naming system, the new Silhouette tools are what will be known as "B" Silhouette tools.

2mm kraft blade, ratchet blade, deep cut blade, cameo 4, portrait 3
Portrait 3 uses Type "B" tools, like the left carriage of the CAMEO 4
These tools are being made to fit ONLY in the flat-back standard tool carriage on the CAMEO 4 and Portrait 3.

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They differ from the "A" versions of the 2mm Kraft Blade, Ratchet Blade, and Deep Cut blade in five major ways. The new "B" versions have:
  • a larger body diameter
  • a tool sensor for auto tool detection 
  • a flat back
  • teeth-style locking system
  • do not require an adapter for use in CAMEO 4 series or Portrait 3
These tool body changes allow the new 2mm Kraft Blade, Ratchet Blade, and Deep Cut Blade to fit perfectly and directly into the flat back, standard, left side tool carriage on CAMEO 4 and the single Portrait 3 carriage without the need for an adapter.

Other "B" Silhouette tools are the "B" AutoBlade and the "B" pen holder.

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If you have an older Silhouette machine, don't worry the "A" versions of these tools are not being discontinued. Silhouette will be manufacturing two versions of the ratchet blade, 2mm Kraft blade, and Deep Cut blades going forward.

Currently there are five Silhouette tools and blades that can be used in the Silhouette CAMEO 4 without an adapter.

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  1. where can we order the auto blade for cameo4

  2. I purchased a Cameo Plus from you. I love it! I have a question, Will you have 15" Vinyl in variety of colors anytime soon? I'm maxed out with using 12" Vinyl I would love to start using 15" pre cut vinyl. Thanks :-)

  3. I have the Cameo 4 plus. I have yet to figure out the print and cut feature. I’ve wasted $100’s in Easy Subli!!! Every time I use this feature it’s different, it won’t read the registration marks and I try over and over for hours and finally, if I’m Lucky it will cut, no rhyme or reason as to why it cut!!! I think I have a “lemon”!!!

  4. Will you be able to use the CB09 cutting blades with adapter in the Cameo 4 Pro?


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