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Silhouette CAMEO 4 'Incompatable Material Settings' Error Fix

If you are getting the Incompatible Material Setting error in the Send panel there's an easy fix.

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This error occurs when you press Send and instructs the Silhouette user to pick an action and material for the tool and tool carriage they're not even using. It can cause complete frustration and prevent you from cutting.

Thankfully there's an easy fix - but it's not intuitive.

The Incompatible Material Setting Send Panel error occurs when there is anything in the work area that's outside of the cutting area.

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So in this example, the text that's off to the side is what's prompting it the error message.

cameo 4, cameo 4 blades, cameo 4 tools, rotary blade, silhouette studio

As soon as anything off the cutting mat is deleted from the work space, you can click Send to begin cutting and will not get the error message.

cameo 4, cameo 4 blades, cameo 4 tools, rotary blade, silhouette studio

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  1. I always leave things off to the side, it is part of my process. If it ain't on the cutting mat, why are they so concerned with it right now? This feature is an idiotic addition.

  2. Thank you! I have a Cameo 3 and I ordered a Cameo 4 and I would have gone crazy if this had happened to me because all my cutting documents have things on the side.

    I am a graphic designer and I'm used to working with things off the page, on the board. I hope this gets fixed at some point in the software, especially since we only have one page/mat a time, as opposed to multiple page documents.

    This means that a "happy birthday" banner whose letters don't all fit on the mat at once for cutting would have to be set and saved into 6 to 8 documents? Not good.

  3. Thank you for the explanation of why it happens - others are correct though - it doesn't make any sense :). Is there any known issue with just proceeding without deleting portions that are not on the mat?

  4. I do not have anything but what is on the mat and I am still getting this error message.

  5. I get this message even though there is nothing outside the mat. Enough to drive a person to drink. lol

  6. I have always enjoyed the fact that I could leave stuff off of the mat and it only cut and worried about what was in the mat. I hope this gets fixed because it causes more steps that are not necessary. Hope you fix it soon!!


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