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How to Organize Massive Design Bundles

Organizing SVG Files that are part of massive design bundles, such as the So Fontsy January 2020 Bundle, shouldn't be stressful!

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Let's look at some tips to help you organize your massive design bundles & downloads so that you can find them easily on your computer.

How to Organize Massive Design Bundles

So Fontsy's January 2020 Bundle has over 450 products...and of course, I need them all! You will agree once you see this bundle of 391 designs, 32 fonts (yep, 32!!), and 32 digital papers. The first bundle of the decade does not disappoint!

Did you know that ALL of So Fontsy's Bundles come with a printable PDF list of all designs & fonts included in the bundle?

Let's look at how to organize this massive design bundle (and all those other rogue designs scattered all over your computer).

Start by printing out the Bundle PDF list.

It will look like this:

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Once you have printed out your PDF master list, choose which designs & fonts you'd like to download to your computer. 

Every So Fontsy purchase comes with lifetime & unlimited downloads. This means that you only need to download the files that you know you will use because So Fontsy stores your purchases in your account forever. Thanks So Fontsy!

Don't need all of the designs or fonts right now? Just download what you need and come back later to download more. It's an awesome benefit of shopping through their website!

Once you download the hundreds of few designs that you need, it's time to organize those files. 

I like to use an organizational folder system. I made a folder called SVGs and then create folders for each category. Here is what mine looks like:

design bundles, organize, so fontsy, folder system, organize design bundles

It's easy to find exactly what you are looking for once you set up a system that works for you. 

Once you download your designs, add them to the appropriate category folder.

We want to help you become more organized so keep reading to find the FREE downloadable organizational folders below.....

Tag Your Files So You Can Easily Find Them

If you are using a MAC, you can tag SVG files by right clicking on the file and select Get Info. Then type your tags in the space below the name. You can also change the name of the file if you'd like.

design bundles, organize, so fontsy, folder system, organize design bundles

You can now search for these terms in Finder. 

If you are using a PC, unfortunately you cannot tag SVG files. You can tag the JPG file so I like to save that with my SVG. Then right click on the JPG image and choose Properties -> Details. Click on the Tags field, which is under Description. Enter the tags you'd like to use. Then click OK to save your changes.

design bundles, organize, so fontsy, folder system, organize design bundles

You can now search for these terms in Search.

For those of you who have thousands of designs on your computer, I also strongly recommend using an external drive or cloud drive to store & back up your files. Just remember that So Fontsy stores your purchases in your account, so you can always re-download if needed!

FREEBIE for you -----> Click Here to Download the Organizational File Folders and start organizing your designs. Be sure to customize them to fit your own categories.

We hope this helps you learn how to organize massive design bundles easily & quickly.

Now that you know how to keep your font and design bundles organized, you won't be afraid to grab those huge deals and massive bundles. If you want this one hurry up because it's only around for a limited time!

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