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Inkjet Printable HTV vs Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer

With the recent release of Siser EasySubli, there are a lot of questions about how it compares to the much less expensive inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl - and why you might pick one over the other.

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While the Siser EasySubli and inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl share the same technique, when it comes to Silhouette, they are very different products.  In this tutorial, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of EasySubli vs inkjet printable HTV.

If you're not even sure what EasySubli is - the short answer is it's printable heat transfer vinyl for sublimation printers. You can read a full write up and how to use EasySubli with Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait here.

The similarities between Siser EasySubli and Inkjet Printable HTV for darks are:
  • Both sit on top of the surface where applied - rather than the ink being transferred into the fabric
  • Both can be used on dark cotton materials
  • Both are printable materials that, unless printed as full sheets, need to be contour cut before being applied 
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That's about where the similarities end. The biggest differences between the two materials is the price, the type of printer ink used, and the quality and vibrancy of the finished color print.

Color Quality of EasySubli vs Inkjet Printable HTV

Let's start with the color quality.  Because Siser EasySubli HTV requires it be printed on a sublimation printer such as a Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000, the sublimation inks result in a more vivid, vibrant, and lasting transfer.

The example on the left below was done using EasySubli HTV printed with SubliJet-HD Inks in a Sawgrass SG400. The right design is Paropy Printable Heat Transfer for use with an inkjet printer.

There's no denying the sublimation printer sheets provide a better result.

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Printer Requirements for EasySubli vs Inkjet Printable HTV Sheets

Siser EasySubli can only be used with a sublimation printer. Siser recommends using a Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 with Siser EasySubli inks - at a start up cost around $600. 

Inkjet printable HTV can be printed on any home office inkjet printer with standard inkjet ink.  An inexpensive inkjet printers can be purchased for under $100 with a higher quality printers closer to $200. I use an HP Officejet 8610 which sells for about $160.

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Siser EasySubli vs Inkjet Printable HTV Price Per Sheet

In addition to the required printer and inks being more expensive, EasySubli HTV sheets are also more expensive.  The per sheet price for a sheet of 8.4 x 11" Siser EasySubli is $2.99.  Larger packs are slightly discounted off the per sheet price with packs of 100 sheets for $200.

Inkjet printable HTV isn't usually sold by the individual sheet, but rather in multi-sheet packs. The price per sheet varies by brand, but is much less expensive than EasySubli. Starcraft Inkjet Printable HTV costs about $1.90 when broken down by sheet.  Paropy Inkjet Printable HTV sells for even less at under a dollar per sheet.

Other Differences between Siser EasySubli and Inkjet Printable HTV

Other - more subtle differences between Siser EasySubli and Inkjet printable HTV for darks - include the feel of the transfer, available sheet sizes, and the temperature at which it's applied.

EasySubli HTV has a slightly softer feel than the more plasticy-feeling inkjet printable heat transfer for darks we tested it against.

Currently it's only possible to get EasySubli in 8.4" x 11" sheets. There are several printable inkjet HTV materials that are available in 11" x 17" sheets.

In addition, EasySubli HTV can be applied at a temperature of 311 vs inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl which needs to be pressed at 375 degrees.

If you're interested in more, check out this Facebook Live video I did demoing inkjet printable HTV vs Easysubli vs traditional sublimation.

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  1. This is a great comparison,however,there are vendors that sell Easysubli in more size options. I think you should correct that in your post.

  2. What is the life expectancy difference between Printable vinyl and Siser Easysubli? Is it reasonable to expect a longer life-span from Easysubli?

    1. Sublimation inks are naturally going to have more longevity than inkjet as sublimation is infused into the material.


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