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Best Oracal Vinyl Bundle...Ever (For Everyone)

Usually when I get asked about what's the best vinyl bundle I have to say...well it depends on what you want. No more!

If you're looking for the best Oracal 651 vinyl pack there's one bundle that's better than the rest...the one you can build yourself!

And good news - since originally sharing the Build a Vinyl Bundle option on Silhouette School, Swing Design is now offering even more Vinyl Build a Bundle options and they are continually adding more!

Swing Design just released the option to Build Your Own Vinyl Bundle on their website and it's a game changer!!

Need a big mixed-color pack of Oracal 651 (or want to build an Oracal bundle of 631) but could do without the brown, 8 shades of yellow, and not a fan of purple? No your own bundle and get the perfect mix of colors for you!

Build Your Own Oracal Vinyl Bundle

Swing Design's Build Your Own Bundle let's you build the perfect Oracal vinyl pack of 100 12x12 sheets of 651 vinyl by selecting from all 62 colors and transfer tape. Just go down the list and enter the number of sheets of each color you want until you get to 100 sheets (there's a counter at the bottom so you're not counting on your fingers).

You will not get the "Add to Cart" option until your selections total 100 sheets of vinyl.

No matter what combination of colors you pick the bundle of 100 sheets of Oracal 651 is always the same price: $54.99! That makes each sheet less than 55 cents each which is a very competitive price for 12x12 Oracal 651 vinyl sheets.

UPDATE!! You can now also build a bundle of Siser Easyweed!

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Of course, the custom Oracal vinyl packs also ship free like all orders over $35 on Swing Design!

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