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Computer Requirements to Run Silhouette Studio: Will a Tablet, Chrome Book or Phone Work?

It's a pretty common question in my inbox: Can I run Silhouette Studio on ______ (fill in the blank with tablet, Chromebook, ipad, phone, such and such computer)?

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It's important to keep in mind - Silhouette Studio is a powerful design program and it needs a powerful device to keep it running smoothly.

Can Silhouette Studio Work on My Phone? 

Yes, there is a Silhouette Studio app. No, I don't recommend it. 

The mobile app for Silhouette Studio is barely a stripped down version of Silhouette Studio, at best. It's functions are limited to the most basic features of the full desktop version of the powerful design program. Using it solely to run a Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait should never be considered. Using the Silhouette Studio mobile app as a second device isn't ideal either.

Can I Use a Chromebook or Tablet to Run Silhouette Studio? 

The short answer is no. 
You can download the Silhouette Studio mobile app on your tablet, such as an iPad, but again the mobile device leaves much to be desired.  

A Chromebook, which is considered a laptop, is not currently supported as it does not meet the minimum system requirements.

Minimum Computer Requirements for Silhouette Studio

A desktop or laptop is ideal for operating Silhouette Studio - but keep in mind the minimum requirements.  Not all computers are created equally. The operating system, RAM, processor, and memory will all have an impact on how Silhouette Studio runs on your computer.

silhouette studio, silhouette design studio, silhouette studio tutorials, how to use silhouette, Silhouette Studio Software tutorials

The following are the minimum system requirements in order to run the Silhouette Studio® software:
  • Operating System:  
    • PC: Windows 10 or higher 
    • Mac: OS 11 and higher
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz (or faster) processor speed
  • Memory: 4 GB hard disk space 
    • If you have less than 1.5 GB of free hard drive space, Silhouette Studio will give you a warning message that the hard drive is almost full and it's recommended that additional space be created for the best performance of Silhouette Studio.
    • If you have less than 0.5 GB of hard drive space, Silhouette Studio will not launch and will instead provide a warning that in order to run Silhouette Studio hard drive space must be freed up in order to start the program.
  • USB Port: USB 2.0 Port (or higher)
    • If you have a MAC that only has a USB-C port, you can use a USB adapter
  • Bluetooth: 4.0/LMP 6.0

Does Silhouette Studio Require Wifi or Internet?  

Silhouette Studio does not require an Internet connection to use, design in, access the library or send designs to cut. However, you will need an Internet connection for the following:
  • Installing Silhouette Studio Updates
  • Activating Silhouette Studio Upgrade License Keys
  • Syncing Silhouette Studio Library Cloud  
Once any of the above operations have been completed you will not need an Internet connection again to access the features or functions - including the Cloud.

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