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Alternative Weeding Tool for Vinyl (That You Likely Have in the Garage)

If you're looking for an alternative vinyl weeding tool, look no further than your garage or tool box.

Silhouette School contributor  Cat from Pocketful of Posies is here today to share one of her favorite tools for weeding vinyl!

Like many of you when I opened up my fancy new Silhouette Machine I found all kinds of gismos and tools. One of those many tools happened to be a weeding hook. After cutting my first real vinyl project I realized it's pretty dull - a common complaint amongst Silhouette crafters.


After a few failed attempts to successfully use the Silhouette weeding hook, I finally gave up and went digging around my garage looking for something better. 


What did I come up with? This awesome little Xacto Knife set my Dad got for me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. The Xacto Knife was the perfect answer for quickly weeding a whole project. Not only could I quickly poke and remove small bits of vinyl but it also it the perfect tool to use when working around delicate text. 


With my Xacto Knife I can easily trim away the excess vinyl in small sections. If I am having trouble separating the two pieces the flat, non cutting edge of the blade allows me to apply pressure to my design while gently peeling away the excess. And if all of that wasn't handy enough, you know those times when you end up with a little section that just didn't quite cut all the way through? (Usually, because I need to change out/or sharpen my blade and I just haven't done it yet). Say hello to my perfect little helper! I can quickly follow the cut line with the blade of my Xacto Knife finishing the cut with precision and ease!


Grabbing that Xacto Knife kit out of the garage has been one of the best weeding decisions I have ever made. It's the only tool I need and it always gets the job done, quickly!  

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