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Trick to Picking Up Vinyl When It Won't Stick to the Transfer Tape

If you're transfer tape won't pick up the vinyl off the backing sheet - you're in luck.

vinyl won't stick to transfer tape, vinyl won't stick, silhouette cameo

I have a little trick that will help you get that vinyl off the backing sheet when it doesn't want to seem to stick to the transfer paper.
There can be a few reasons for why your vinyl isn't sticking to the transfer tape:
Sometimes no matter how much your burnish the vinyl through the transfer tape, it just won't seem to leave the backing.

This is exactly what was happening when I was trying to pick up the glitter vinyl circle that I quickly cut for my pop socket. If you're not familiar with Pop Sockets....prepare to have your mind blown. (More on that and a free cut file in a minute.)

transfer tape won't pick up vinyl, vinyl won't release from backing, can't get vinyl off backing, silhouette cameo

Fortunately no matter what the reasoning is for your vinyl not sticking to the transfer tape, you can get around that.

The trick is to flip the piece of vinyl with the transfer tape on it over.

glitter won't won't stick, glitter vinyl transfer tape, contact paper, best transfer tape for oracal

Peel off the vinyl backing - removing it from the transfer tape and vinyl as opposed to trying to peel the transfer tape and vinyl away from the backing.

silhouette cameo vinyl tutorials, vinyl won't stick, vinyl isn't sticking

You still may need to encourage it a bit, but by pulling the backing off rather than the other way around, you should have no more problems getting the vinyl to stick to the transfer tape.

best transfer tape, best transfer tape oracal 651, oracal vinyl, glitter vinyl

And now you're all ready to place that vinyl on the surface. Like I said...mine was going on my new pop socket to make it match the rest of my glitter gold phone case.

pop socket vinyl, pop socket phone, phone handle, phone grip. pop socket template

Now for this goodness that is Pop Socket...these things are little handles you can put on your phone case so help you grip your phone more easily or prop it up.

customize pop socket with vinyl, silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette studio pop socket template

My iPhone 6s+ is huge which makes it awkward to use one-handed...but the pop socket helps by letting it rest between my fingers! I can also prop it up...and when I need it to be flat again...just pop it in!

Amazing, I know..and even more so when you have it covered in glitter vinyl!  And because I think you'll all agree every pop socket needs some bling, here's a free pop socket template for you to download.

silhouette cameo pop socket, free pop socket template, pop socket vinyl decal.

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  1. I'm curious - I recently bought both Oracal vinyl and transfer tape. I was using Cricut brand transfer tape (bought before I really did much research). The Oracal transfer tape wouldn't pick up my Oracal vinyl. Not sure what is happening. Should I calibrate my machine? Maybe the pressure was too much? I picked vinyl and regular pressure in the settings before cutting.

  2. Hi there! I'd have to see it to really tell you what is happening. I do like to up my force to 14 for permanent adhesive vinyl. If it is cutting all the way through, but still not picking up, make sure you're brandishing really well!


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