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13 Genius Ways to Use Vinyl

Let's just be real honest right now: pretty much nothing is off limits when it comes to vinyl.  It's rare to find a Silhouette crafter who hasn't cut vinyl with their Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.  If you're new to vinyl, start with this Silhouette vinyl tutorial for beginners...then let your imagination run wild!

Every once in a while, just when I thought I had seen it all, my jaw is left on the floor when I discover a new 'thing' that has been vinyled.

I thought it would be fun to round up some of the most usual places for vinyl!  (You can click on each of the links for more details and the Silhouette tutorial).

Would you ever have thought to put vinyl on the ceiling? Seriously this is amazing!

silhouette cameo vinyl, vinyl on ceiling, faux wallpaper with vinyl
Courtesy: A Kailo Chic Life

How about cutting some vinyl with your Silhouette to decorate your chicken coop
silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette cameo wood, silhouette cameo vinyl tutorials beginner
Courtesy: Life After Laundry
Is there anything more fun that turning a white chair it's a polka dot chair with vinyl? I can't get over this confetti chair!

vinyl on furniture, silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette cameo vinyl tutorial, vinyl polka dots
Courtesy: A Kailo Chic Life

Want to add some curb appeal with an update to the garage? Make faux carriage garage door windows with vinyl!

faux garage door windows, vinyl garage door, vinyl door, sihouette cameo vinyl

My kids can never remember which is the recycle basket and which is the trash so I'm loving this little life hack...with vinyl, of course.

silhouette cameo vinyl, vinyl kitchen, silhouette cameo vinyl tutorials
Courtesy: Blue I Style

Or how about adding some vinyl on the inside of your cabinet to add a little organization and humor.

silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette cameo organization ideas, silhouette cameo tutorials
Courtesy: A Polished Habitat
I am literally obsessed with this use of printable vinyl on a doll house!! My friend Angela from Blue i Style made a doll house based on her own house for her two little boys! First she painted an argyle wall in their real bedroom then she print an cut the same wall for the dollhouse!! She did the same thing for the stone exterior. I can.not.get.over.this.  You have to go over to her site to see the side by side between the doll house model and her actual's unbelievable!

customize doll house, customize doll houe with vinyl, silhouette cameo vinyl
Courtesy blue i style

And because vinyling a milk box for your kids' doll house isn't's the real thing!

vinyl mailbox, milk box, silhouette cameo project ideas
Courtesy blue i style

I've put vinyl in the bathroom and on tile...but never have I thought to put vinyl on the shower tile!!

vinyl on tile, vinyl shower, vinyl project ideas, silhouette cameo project ideas
Courtesy: The Happy Scraps

The fact that you can actually put vinyl on balloons means the possibilities for party decor are pretty much endless!! 

vinyl on balloons, silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette cameo ideas, vinyl balloons
Courtesy A Girl and a Glue Gun

 Even a thrift store globe isn't safe from vinyl...

silhouette cameo vinyl globe, silhouette cameo project ideas, vinyl globe
Courtesy: Simply Darling
Update a light switch with vinyl....this one cracks me up! 

light switch vinyl, vinyl cover light swtich, which vinyl should I use
Courtesy Sisters What

Want to up your laptop's about creating a custom laptop skin with printable vinyl!

silhouette printable vinyl, laptop skin, silhouette vinyl, silhouette cameo tutorials ideas

And...who ever though to put vinyl on a rain garden to create a hanging herb garden is a hero in my book!

silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette portrait vinyl, 631 vs 651, oracal vinyl, what is outdoor vinyl

I mean seriously, is there any other product that you can use in so many different ways? I think not..and I think these are 13 pretty genius ways to use vinyl with your Silhouette CAMEO!! 

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