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Installing Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or Business Edition Software on New Computer

So you got a new computer and now you need to move your entire Silhouette Studio library onto the new computer as well as put Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or Business Edition on the new computer.

It may seem like a big job, but I recently did both and in only the matter of 20 minutes or so. Most of that time was the actual design import from my Silhouette Studio library export.

When you download and install Silhouette Studio from the Silhouette America website onto your computer, you will start with the standard version of Studio - any upgrades you have purchased will not automatically apply. But you do not need to buy Designer or Business Edition again.

silhouette studio designer edition moving to new computer putting silhouette studio on new computer

In order to add your Designer Edition license key on the new computer, you must first de-activate it from the original computer.  To do so go onto your old computer and open up Silhouette Studio.

Click the Help menu and then pick "De-Activate License Key."

de-activate silhouette studio designer edition, de-activate silhouette studio business edition

You will have to enter your Silhouette America password to confirm that you do in fact want to De-Activate the key.

installing silhouette studio designer edition new computer, installing silhouette studio business edition, silhouette license key

Click Next and confirm.

Now open up Silhouette Studio on your new computer. Again go to the Help menu. This time click Upgrade Silhouette Studio.

upgrade silhouette studio designer addition, silhouette studio designer edition, business edition upgrade

At the same time go to the Silhouette America website and sign into your account. Under the My Account tab in the upper right corner you'll find a list of all of your license keys.

silhouette studio license keys, silhouette studio designer edition key, install silhouette studio new computer

If you have Designer Edition or you went straight from standard Studio to Business Edition (so you don't have a DE key at all) enter your 16 digit Designer Edition license key into the pop up window in Silhouette Studio. Wait for Silhouette Studio to confirm your key and you're all set.

lost silhouette studio license code, designer edition code, designer edition upgrade

If you have Designer Edition and then later upgraded to Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition you'll need to first enter the Designer Edition license key first and then repeat the process and enter the Business Edition key.

That's it!
upgrade silhoeutte studio new computer, designer edition, designer addition upgrade

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  1. What if your old computer died (RIP MAXIE) and you can no longer access the DE edition ��

  2. are you not allowed to have designer edition on more than one computer? I have on my desktop, but also want p
    t on my laptop

  3. Thank you! This worked! My laptop had to be re-imaged and I wasn't able to deactivate before that happened so I lost one of my key uses I guess. But thank goodness for the syncing in the library! Phew!

  4. I'm beyond thankful I came across this info! I bought a new computer as the old one was, well, old! I was stressing about changing over to the new one with the Silhouette program but your info made it super easy! Thank you so much!!


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