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1 Month Silhouette U Membership Giveaway...Just 'Cause

You made it! This is where can enter to win a 1 month membership to Silhouette U - Silhouette School's premium membership site.  We don't do this often so don't miss out!!

To enter - you only have to do one thing!! I know!! It's that easy!  Just enter your email address into the giveaway widget below and be on your way!

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Since launch in October 2016, Silhouette U has almost 3,000 currently active members who are loving all the benefits we offer - everything from new video tutorials every month (currently we have 50+ videos in our library) for all skill levels to 'homework videos' which take you through a complete project from start to finish so focusing on specific skills! Our members love the new commercial use files added every month, the exclusive Facebook group, the 1:1 live chat help they receive, the members-only ebook (this year's is on mastering Tracing), the discounts on Silhouette School ebooks, the monthly Sil U-only giveaways (hello heat press, 128 sheets of vinyl, Silhouette U...shall I go on?),  the standing discounts with our partners and more!  In fact, when we asked Silhouette U members what they loved MOST about Silhouette U...they couldn't pick just one thing and overwhelmingly said ALL! Yup, we are feeling the love!

Here's a quick look at our member benefits...and you get even more information here!

 And while we can tout it all we want, it's best to hear from our members so here's what they're saying about why they love Silhouette U!

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  1. I tried copying and pasting the link from the message on the sign-up page but it doesn't bring me to a specific page. I get a Google page with a list of pages not related to your site.

  2. EEEK! So excited for this giveaway. SilhouetteU is the best. I have learned so much from Melissa. She is an awesome teacher and always ready to share her knowledge.

  3. What a generous give away! Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. You are my saviour and sanity keeper. Thanks for the chance at winning one of the prices. I live in Canada, but I have "snowbird" friends that live the States, so shipping would not be a problem. Thanks again. Tricia


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