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Trick to Apply Silhouette Vinyl Level with a Clip on Stencil Level: Video Tutorial

Did you ever cut a vinyl design, weed it perfectly only to apply it and it wasn't straight?'s so frustrating!

That's where the Clip on Stencil Level comes in! Silhouette School contributor, Cat, shared a tutorial on how to use this little gadget a few weeks ago. But today she's back to SHOW us how handy this tool is with a follow up Silhouette video tutorial!   Here's Cat...

We all know that we can make beautiful amazing crafts using our Silhouette cutting machines, but applying vinyl designs level can be a great big 'ol pain.
To combat this problem I shared my Secret Weapon for Applying Vinyl Decals Straight and Level with you last month, and you loved it!  (Thank you by the way!)  In fact you loved it so much many of you asked for a video tutorial on how I use this Clip on Stencil Level to create perfectly level designs.

Today those requests have been answered and to make it a little sweeter I am also including a simple Spring Sign to show you how I use these awesome Clip on Stencils.

Can you see why I am completely head over heals about this Clip On Stencil Level?  It has saved me so much time!  

Now instead getting frustrated checking measurements or even worse trying to eyeball my design only to find out it is wrong.  I can apply a smooth level design in seconds! 

In fact I love this clip on level so much that I have two!  One as it originally comes from the manufacture with the longer wings.  And one that I have trimmed the winged or clips down on using a utility knife.  This is perfect for leveling small designs on mugs etc where the extra clip would just get in the way. 

I hope this video answers all of your questions regarding this amazing product!  

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  1. you need to check to see if your board is level-- then level it if it's not-- before you put on the vinyl or your design won't be straight.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this amazing tip! I'm ordering right now!


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