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I am Thankful for You! (A Free Silhouette Studio Design AND a Black Friday Sneak Peek)

Every year on Thanksgiving I take a pause from the regular Silhouette tutorials to thank all of you.  There's no doubt Silhouette School would not be nearly what it is today without all of your support. And for that I am so thankful for each of you!!!

Every single one of you!

You, who shared a link to a Silhouette School tutorial on Facebook and ended up introducing someone new to Silhouette School...knowingly or not.

You, who pinned a tutorial on how to _fill in the blank__ with their Silhouette CAMEO or troubleshoot in Studio.

You, who left me a sweet comment on the blog or social media about how you appreciate the daily tips and tricks and are getting more and more out of your cutting machine each day.

You who trusted me enough to buy a Silhouette guide book or ebook or mini guide...or all 10!

You, who thanked me for my honest review....even though it was a tough one to write because....oh, how I wanted to love that product so much but....

You, who flew across the country or drove 10 hours to take one of my classes at All Things Silhouette or Silhouette School Live and then humbled me (again) by asking for a hug and a picture.

You, who emailed me in desperation during your middle-of-the-night crafting session because you could not find your library, print and cut accurately, or cut correctly and then took the time to write back a note of gratitude to tell me my suggestion fixed the issue and saved you a gray hair.

You ,who've joined Silhouette U making a big scary new project a success out of the gate.

And even you who were having a bad day, frustrated, and done with your Silhouette machine (or the ads on my site) when you took it out on me a bit from behind your keyboard...I thank you because what you didn't realize is you pushed and challenged me with that in more ways than one - so I thank you, too.

And because I have so much gratitude for all of you and I know just how blessed I am to have had this lil blog take me so far in such a short period of time...I want to share a little tiny piece of my gratitude with you in the form of a free Silhouette design.

Free Thanksgiving Silhouette CAMEO design, silhouette studio designs, silhouette downloads

This Thankful and Blessed design is free to download and use for personal use. I ask that if you do share it you please share the link back to this blog post rater than the cut file itself or the link to Dropbox. Thanks, loves!  xoxo - Melissa

Oh and that's not all! I also wanted you to know that we've got quite the Black Friday Sale planned....All the details will be arriving in your email inbox tomorrow if you're among the 49,000 who subscribe to our emails! The details will also be on the you're gonna want to make sure you don't miss this because it's a one day only Black Friday Sales event like we've never done before!

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