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Silhouette Craft Inspired DIY Halloween Costume Tour

A few weeks back I got this genius idea (bahaha little pat on my own back there) to make yet another DIY Halloween costume...but not just any Halloween costume this year! I needed one that my fellow Silhouette crafters (YOU!) would really appreciate.  One you could really get behind.

One that when I wear it for trick or treating around the neighborhood EVERYONE will be asking me "What the heck are you?"  It's like my own little secret...except my kids and Bob fully 'got it' so I'm glad I at least resemble what I'm supposed to resemble.  I mean I think I look pretty sharp. (Note the blade on top, people!)

This idea came to me as I was laying in bed. Ten minutes later I ordered two knit hats with Amazon's One Click from my phone...while hiding under the covers (you know you do it too!)  Man, they make that tooooooo easy I actually forgot!  I can't make this up...a few days after I ordered the hats, Bob says, "We have two $7.50 charges on the credit card from Amazon on the same day...any ideas?" I couldn't I said NO. He called AMAZON! And they said, "Someone bought two knit caps a black and a white...those aren't your orders?" bahahah)  #truestory How could I forget?!

Anyway. Two days later the knits hats I ordered arrived and I barely had them out of the shipping envelope before I started cutting the heat transfer vinyl for them!  The little blade on top is made from a piece of cardboard that I also covered with heat transfer vinyl. (Yes, putting HTV on cardboard, chipboard or the like is a thing.)

I mean, you guys, it was all I had in me not to share this amazing Silhouette blade hat with you back in late September. Oh and I was also super tempted to make myself a 10..but I restrained.

I had so much fun with this project I thought I'd invite challenge some of my favorite Silhouette-craft bloggers to join me! And so I'm thrilled they didn't totally dismiss my crazy idea are joining me today for this Silhouette-inspired Halloween Costume blog hop! Just you wait until you see what these other genius bloggers came up with too!  Here's a sneak peek of their awesome DIY Halloween costumes, but you gotta click around to all their blogs to get the full dose of amazingness!

And as if that won't make your day enough...we also have a $50 gift card to Expressions Vinyl for one lucky winner!! It's easy peesy to enter through the giveaway entry form below between now and November 7.

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  1. Brilliant. What a great, well executed idea.

  2. Your hat is too cute! I whipped up a t-shirt to wear with my granddaughter. It has a skeleton in Glow-in-the-dark HTV. I wore it all weekend so now I need to wash it for tonight!

  3. Sharp costume. You are right on the cutting edge!

  4. Super cute hat and
    a fun blog hop!
    Thanks and Happy
    Carla from Utah

  5. Fabulous costume. Got it as soon as the picture popped up!


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