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Amazon Prime Day 2016: Silhouette CAMEO Accessory Must Haves!

Prime Day Deals

I will keep this updated as I see deals!  If you see a deal to share please email me at with "Prime Deal" in the subject line!

Current Deals

Upcoming Deals: 

Amazon is celebrating a one day global sales event again this year.  The online retail giant is promising it will be bigger than Black Friday. The good news is lots of accessories for Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait are available on Prime which means there's a great chance they'll be even more of a steal when Amazon Prime Day 2016 rolls around on Tuesday, July 12!

I know I'm not the only Silhouette crafter who has a hard time finding Silhouette items in the craft store, which is why I prefer Amazon Prime for my Silhouette supplies and blanks on Amazon.  The yearly Amazon Prime membership fee is more than worth it for the two day free shipping, free Prime videos, Kindle books and Prime Music.
Only Amazon Prime members will be able to participate in Amazon Prime Day to gain access to the thousands of lightning and daily deals across all categories.  However, if you're not currently an Amazon Prime member you can actually try out a  FREE 30 day Amazon Prime Trial now to take advantage of Prime Day 2016!'s how this works. I've put together two must have Silhouette accessories lists to make your Amazon Prime shopping as easy as possibly. Some items are repeats from last year and some items are new releases for this year.

You can simply go down the list, click the link and check for deals - or - add them to an Amazon Wish List now so you can easily check prices on them tomorrow.
Everything listed here is Prime eligible.  Again, that doesn't guarantee they'll be on super sale or as a lightening deal or even marked down a little bit for Amazon Prime Day, it just means these are my favorite Silhouette things and I highly suggest you pick them up if they're on sale on July 15!

Silhouette CAMEO and Craft MUST HAVES

  1. Heat Press - If you are a serious Silhouette users who uses HTV regularly or sells your creations at all a Heat Press is a MUST HAVE! Put it at the top of your so ;).  Here's the exact press I got...and my review and tutorial on how to use it! 
  2. Silhouette CAMEO 2 - If you're been considering purchasing a Silhouette or you want to upgrade from an SD or Portrait or an older CAMEO, the CAMEO 2 bundle is a great option and it's likely to be a great deal considering the CAMEO 3 will be coming out soon.
  3. Silhouette Screen Printing Kit - Looking for an alternative to heat transfer vinyl? Screen printing is perfect! Screen printing lets you re-use the same vinyl stencil up to 5 times so you save time and materials over heat transfer vinyl.
  4. Guillotine Cutter - A must have for any serious scrapbooker or paper crafter!  Nothing makes trimming multiple sheets of paper/cardstock/construction paper/cards easier, faster and more precious.  Guillotine cutters come in various sizes for whatever your paper crafting needs may be.
  5. Vinyl Starter Bundle & Vinyl Guide The Vinyl Starter Bundle with Vinyl Guide comes with 48 colors of adhesive vinyl in Oracal 651 and 631 plus transfer paper, a Silhouette hook, scraper and my mini book the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Vinyl.
  6. Silhouette Roll Feeder - Tired of your vinyl slipping from under the rollers as you cut?  The roll feeder fixes that by keeping the vinyl in a perfect line and by taking the weight off the machine which can cause the vinyl to slip.  Can be used with the SD, CAMEO and Portrait. 
  7. Replacement mat(s) - Because who doesn't need another mat or 4!
  8. 24" Cutting Mat - Get better longer cuts, by cutting with the 24" mat. Definitely worth the money! 
  9. Extra blades - Because who doesn't need another blade or 4!
  10. PixScan - The Silhouette PixScan mat is well worth the price (even it's non sale price) for cutting pre-printed cuts and very precise cuts on things like photos.  You can also make double sided designs with it and it helps with precision on very small items.
  11. Silhouette Deep Cut Blade - The Silhouette Deep Cut blade can be use on Silhouette CAMEO, Portrait and Curio. It can cut materials thicker than what the regular ratchet blade can cut including felt, faux leather sheets, burlap sheets and craft foam. 
  12. Avery Full Page Sticker Sheets - A great much less expensive alternative to Silhouette Printable White Sticker paper! 
  13. Wide Format Printer - The Epson Artisan 1430 Wireless All in One Printer can print borderless up to 13x19" making printing  fullsize 12x12" scrapbook layouts possible at home!
  14. Ultra Point Tweezers - Never struggle with weeding again!  These ultra point tweezers make removing even the smallest pieces of vinyl a breeze.
  15. Assorted Color Vinyl Pack - Who doesn't need 30 sheets of every color of vinyl imaginable. I love this pack especially because the sheets are 12x24". The vinyl is glossy and is outdoor/permanent/651 equivalent.
  16. Xyron - Grab a Xyron machine to make your own adhesive backed paper or stickers.  This tool is awesome for scrapbooking. You can also use it to laminate and make magnets.  Comes in three sizes!
  17. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition - Here are 13 reasons to upgrade to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. What more can I say? 
  18. Silhouette Light Tack Mat - The Silhouette Light Tack mat is perfect for paper cuts. The mat is not as sticky as the regular cutting mat therefore makes it easier to cleanly remove the paper and helps prevent it from curling when it's removed from the mat and
  19. Download Card to the Silhouette Design Store - Get a $25 gift card to the Silhouette Design Store so you can go shopping for your favorite designs whenever you want! Grab it on Amazon for around $18 and you'll get the equivalent of 7 designs free
  20. Sewing Ruler/Gauge - My favorite ruler to use when applying vinyl using the hinge method. The gauge makes precise measuring so easy and fast.

Popular Craft BLANKS:  

  1. 12 Pack Clear Acrylic Tumblers
  2. Extra Large Laundry Bags (Santa Sacks)
  3. Dip/Jewelry Dishes
  4. Baby Onesies  
  5. Raglan Shirts 
  6. Clear Fillable Ornaments

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!


  1. Too bad its not for Canadians as well! I would love to particiapate!!

  2. I got the curio. I have been drooling over it for weeks.

  3. I bought the Silhouette Cameo during Prime Day and didn't realize until after I ordered that there is a two-month wait for shipping. I guess I'll use the time learning how to operate the machine.

  4. I ordered the gel pens for sketching, but they don't fit in the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder - pens are too big. What pen holder (for Cameo) do these pens fit?


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