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Silhouette Video Tutorials...And Why You're Seeing More From Me!

In case you've been living under a rock, I've been sharing more and more Silhouette video tutorials....on the Facebook page, on YouTube, on Instagram even... heck I even created a Video Tuts section on the blog and soon I'll be launching my first 30 minute video course!  Crazy-talk, I know!

Silhouette video tutorials, Silhouette tutorials

So what's up with all.these.videos anyway?
Well, here's the thing. When I started Silhouette School blog way back in...2014...everyone and their mother who was making Silhouette tutorials for YouTube. There were very few people who were writing Silhouette tutorials and therefore that's the hole I tried to fill. It seems to have worked ;)

Lots of you have thanked me profusely for sharing written Silhouette tutorials and that will always be my main MO.  In my first two and a half years of blogging on Silhouette, I think I recorded something like six YouTube videos and they're kinda lame.  In the last week I recorded at least half a dozen...and they're all awesome. IMHO.

So what's with the change? Well, as you may (or may not know) I recently attending Snap! - a blogging conference in Salt Lake City. It's basically 4 or 5 days of nothing but blog talk. Not only did I teach a class on writing and marketing ebooks, but I also attended lots of sessions. Several of those sessions were on the importance of video and how video is where all of the social media outlets are going: hello, Facebook LIVE!

Photo Credit: Melinda from Home.Made.Interest
There's no sense going to a blog conference and not putting into action what you learned and so therefore I'm stepping up my video game.

Facebook Live has proven to be super popular with the Silhouette School Facebook community and for that I thank you! Live can be kinda, sorta, a whole lotta scary. (There's a reason I am a former TV News Producer and not a former TV Reporter!) The great thing about FB Live is that many of you are already on Facebook and so it's easy for you to join rather than having to download another app and all this nonsense. The FB Live videos also stay on the Silhouette School timeline and into the Video section of the FB page.  I have been trying to give an hour or so heads up on FB and IG as to when I'll be live...but you can sign up to be notified whenever I'm doing a live tutorial by tapping the Subscribe button while watching a live video.  The next time I'm on Facebook Live you'll get a notification...or at least you should.

For those of you who are not on Facebook, I've also been kinda editing down the videos to make them not so live-ish and putting them on YouTube when appropriate.  (

As I mentioned I also started a Silhouette School blog video section, which can be found along the top menu bar of the blog, for easy reference and you'll see more and more written tutorials also with an accompanying video.
Silhouette School, Silhouette tutorials, Silhouette video tutorials, Silhouette Cameo

So all that being said...if you like written Silhouette tutorials, if you like video Silhouette tutorials, if you like Silhouette School - I'm.your.girl. I've got it all.

Also - if you have a specific topic you'd like to see covered in a video demo, just add it to the Silhouette Tutorial Wish List as this is where I'm pulling topics from!

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  1. Thank you for adding outlets beyond FB to watch these videos! I find them very helpful. I don't mind using youtube but it's nice to have them right here on your blog!!

  2. Please, please, please don't stop using the written tutorials. I am hard of hearing and using any type of video is very difficult for me to hear and/or follow along. The video world has forgotten about the hearing impaired population and many times the CC words are incorrect. Your written instructions is what brought me to your school. Thank you for all your help!

  3. Hey! first of all, I would like to appreciate your video tutorials because it's very help out for me and much obliged to you for adding outlets past social media to watch these recordings. Paper writing


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